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Cairns Brass 3D Carved Eagle 6" Front Holder, With Fasteners



Brass 3D Carved Eagle 6" Front Holder, With Fasteners

  • Fits Cairns 1000, 1010 and 1044 helmets
  • May require drilling of helmet on older models
  • Designed to fit 6" fronts

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"Hi, Does this product come with the 3 screws that mount it to the helmet? Thanks"

Yews everything you need

"will this bird fit the old aluminum senator helmets?"

They do not list it as being a replacement for the old Senator Tin, we don't have a tin here to even compare the holes to see if they match up the same, don't know what to tell you.

"Does this come with the screws to mount it?"

That's what the Fasteners are, yes you get the mounting hardware

"Is this holder stronger and more durable than the one that comes with the 1010 by default?"

Ron, not to give you a short answer but it's no, there is no difference as to which is stronger. Some people just like the eagle better than the standard holder.

"I need to replace the binding posts that hold the eagle on the top off the hemet. Can I buy just those?"

Good Morning, MSA-10047527 is the part number you need, we have in stock at the present time, cost you $8.00 plus shipping and any tax that might apply.

"Hello. I am doing a salute to service helmet. The model I bought was a Cairne 660c metro. I'm looking for an eagle i can mount to the helmet. I was wondering if this one would work or if you have any others that would. There are no holes drilled in the helmet at this point so as long as one will fit I'll have the helmet drilled. Thanks."

Matt, what you are trying to do is impossible, a 660C Metro is a modern style helmet, you cannot install a brass eagle on this style helmet, no way no how. A brass eagles are made to be installed on a Traditional style helmet, sorry.


Sorry this will not fit, you need either the part numbers 018, or 026, these are the 2 models for the Cairns/MSA traditional helmets,except the model 880 helmet. Go to our web page and look at the Liberty Art and you can see them there.

"Product description says it fits Cairns 1010 however in Q&A it says no. What is the correct answer? Will this fit a Cairns 1010FSB ?"

Michael, this should be the correct one, the other question was referring to the Liberty Artworks styles, this should work well for you.