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Cairns XF1 Fire Helmet, Black

$395.99 - $434.59
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The new Jet Style Helmet, fly in and out before the fire even knew you were there!
Introducing the new MSA Cairns XF1 Fire Helmet, a new jet fighter pilot inspired design engineered to meet North American firefighting standards.  

We know the MSA Cairns XF1 looks entirely different than the helmet you’re wearing now. And that’s the point. MSA Cairns is always striving to innovate helmet technology—which is why they're always talking to firefighters about their gear. From these conversations, they knew it was the right time to bring a European-style fire helmet to North America.

  • NFPA Compliant Full Faceshield
  • Lime/Yellow Retroreflective Trim
  • Blank Front Plate
  • Black Nomex Ear Lap

Note: Accessories shown on helmet are available separately.

Easy to Clean
The Cairns XF1 fire helmet’s modular design allows it to be quickly disassembled for thorough inspection, care and maintenance. Plus, the helmet’s soft goods are removable, washable and replaceable – all without requiring the use of tools. These features have all been engineered to help firefighters align with cancer prevention directives as written by the Firefighter Cancer Support Network. NFPA-1971; 2018 Compliant.

Customized Fit
The size of the headband may be adjusted to fit the wearer’s head by using the ratchet adjustment system. The rear ratchet arms have three (3) adjustable positions so that the angle of the ratchet may be set to accommodate the back of the wearer’s head. The headband height is adjustable at the front of the helmet via sliding friction tab to provide additional comfort to the wearer and maximize compatibility with the SCBA facepiece.
The multi-point chin strap is adjustable via a friction buckle, with multiple stops to help ensure a proper fit.
All interaction points are bright yellow for easy visualization and identification.
When it’s all said and done, the contoured style of the XF1 doesn’t just fit 99% of firefighters – it fits them comfortably.

  • Medium: head size of 6 1/2 – 7 3/4" (52–62 cm)
  • Large: head size of 7 1/8 – 8 1/8" (57–65 cm)

Reduced Snags
The Cairns XF1 jet-style fire helmet has been engineered as much for comfort and fit as safety. The most obvious feature is what it lacks – the XF1 is brimless. While untraditional, the lack of a brim reduces snag hazards. Plus, the helmet's accessories, like lighting and communications, are integrated seamlessly into the design, resulting in a sleek profile.
Additional accessories can be purchased separately that easily integrate into the XF1 to customize and enhance the user experience.
  • Integrated lighting with front & side illumination to reduce snag hazards and improve situational awareness.
  • Integrated communications with an internal headset to maximize firefighter interaction. Available with a one or two speaker option.
  • Integrated ocular visor that articulates forward and backwards to optimize fit and accommodate prescription glasses. ANSI/ISEA compliant
Note: Assembly Required for Ocular Visor and the Integrated Light Module. They do not come installed.


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Not everyone's cup of tea, but a very good helmet.


Very comfortable helmet. Weight is comparable to a 1010 or 1044 but the weight is better balanced. Eye and face protection outshines anything else currently offered. The ocular visor does feel kinda flimsy and cheap but it really isn't required at all unless you really want it. The integrated lighting is also a great option. Would be nice if it were offered in other colors. Price is very fair aside from the optional comms unit which actually costs more than the helmet itself.



Love the design of the helmet, very comfortable and lightweight. Feel very protected when using this helmet

The good and what needs improvement.


While not the traditional American helmet shape, this is a great helmet. No longer feeling the heat on my ears (That could be a bad thing as that is a GTHO now type of warning) the full face shield helps with those annoying sprays during overhaul, and the glasses help with auto extrication. I was able to do a Low profile and Swim escape in a wall without turning my head like I would with a traditional helmet. Also the ability to look up with he SCBA on while doing a S&R is great. What I Don't like and needs improvement by MSA. The neck flap needs to have a bit of velcro attached to it to attach to the chin strap. I have the lights installed on mine and because the straps are on the inside of the neck flap the neck flap will obscure the light from the side lights because if folds out. I put a piece of Velcro on the chin strap and a strip where the neck flap will contact it to solve this issue, but it is a temp fix and should be looked into.
<br>The lights are not that bright.