Crew Boss Rehab Kart Kit for NFPA 1584, 2008

Expected to ship from manufacturer in 6 weeks.


A complete, advanced Rehab Shelter System on a rolling cart. It fits in your response trailer or air rig...and provides extra utility on the scene. Sets up in minutes to help you towards NFPA compliance.

  • Includes much of the equipment and supplies necessary to set up an effective on-scene rehab site, based on NFPA 1584 requirements
  • It all packs into a single 2’ x 7’ x 5’ tall multi-tiered rolling cart for easy transport—in your existing response trailer, air rig, or truck with a little extra room and a ramp
  • Built around the stable, versatile Crew Boss 16’ x 16’ Rehab Shelter
  • 205 square ft octagonal shelter has removable wall panels, windows, 2 doors, roof vent, whiteboard kit, and the ability to handle a variety of options for climate control
  • Also includes collapsible seating, toilet with separate shelter, medical supplies organizer with writing desk, hand washing station, coolers, misting fan, extra tarps, and more.
  • Can be set up by 2 people in less than 5 minutes
  • Priced within the range of many grant programs
  • Designed based on the NFPA 1584Standard on the Rehabilitation Process for Members During Emergency Operations and Training Exercises, 2008 Edition.

Introducing Crew Boss Fire Rehab Kits: The quickest, most cost-effective way to take care of your crew. Each Crew Boss Fire Rehab Kit is a complete turnkey system specifically designed to help you meet the physical requirements for a separate on-scene rehab station under NFPA Standard 1584. Three current configurations will fit the needs and budgets of departments of almost every size and location—from the most basic to the most diverse. Each kit—including the mid-priced Crew Boss Rehab Kart Kit at under $9,000—includes much of the gear and facilities your department needs to be compliant. And because Crew Boss understands your frustration with having to haul yet another piece of gear, they developed complete rehab solutions sized for a variety of transport and storage methods. You select the level of support you need and decide which systems will create the least impact to your existing mobilization methods. You’ll find cost and equipment options to fit your budget, or qualify for available grants, now…with the potential to expand your system at a later date.

Not just cost-effective—EFFECTIVE!More important, these comprehensive Rehab Kits give you the resources to effectively protect your fire fighters from over-exertion and exhaustion—by providing rest, refreshment, and medical attention they deserve. Plus each kit is easily expandable to meet specific requirements and changing needs.

See how a Crew Boss Rehab Kit can help you save lives...and so many headaches.

The Crew Boss Rehab Kart Kit

A complete, basic Rehab shelter and care system designed for easy transport and added utility—at a very affordable price. Imagine assembling and organizing all your heavy rehab gear, including a full shelter, on a single cart—and then simply rolling it close to the event, rather than off-loading with the typical "bucket brigade". Crew Boss has done it all for you...at a surprisingly cost-effective price. The Crew Boss Rehab Kart Kit comes pre-packed with the complete Crew Boss Vehicle Rehab Kit, plus a misting fan, water cooler, and two 10’ x 10’ ground tarps to let you expand the operational footprint. It’s practically everything you need for a fire rehab system to help you meet the new NFPA standards—all pre-loaded into one compact specially-designed cart.

Easy to store. Easy to move. The Rehab Kart Kit was designed to be stored and transported in a 2’ x 8’ space on an existing response trailer or an Air Rig with a drop gate. Crew Boss built the heavy-duty multi-tiered equipment kart on large, durable caster wheels that make moving it a breeze. They added special features like a turn-out gear hanging system and large grab handles. Plus they left plenty of extra room to carry additional accessories and supplies. When not in use, you can just leave the packed kit on the vehicle, or store it on the floor in the station until needed. Getting the facilities and basic gear to satisfy the NFPA Standard 1584, as it relates to providing your crew with on-scene rehab facilities simply doesn’t get any easier…or more cost-effective. We can’t imagine a more affordable way to do it right.

The Rehab Kart Kit includes practically everything you see here…and more: Click on the item names below to view description and larger image.

  • 16’ x 16’ Crew Boss Shelter (CBRVEH) (205 sq. ft.) with removable wall panels – includes windows, two doors, roof vent and ground sheet.
  • Seating for responders and paramedics: 1 Six-person Collapsible Insta-Bench, 4 Folding Stools.
  • Medical Supplies Organizer with hard writing surface. Hangs on a interior wall of the shelter, or wherever you need it
  • Electric Misting Fan can lower ambient temperature as much as 30°
  • Crowd control gear: 6 "REHAB" Cone Covers (cones not included), "REHAB" day/night Barricade Tape, 2 1000’. rolls - hi-vis & reflective heavy-duty 3 mil. x 3” x 1000 ft. (stanchion not included)
  • Brief Relief™ Field Lavatory, Portable Bucket Toilet with Pop-Up Privacy Shelter lets you turn almost any flat surface into a re-usable white board. Includes sanitary gel disposal pouches for both liquid and solid waste.
  • Anywhere White Board Kit
  • Portable Hand Washing Station
  • Soft-sided folding Cooler & Terrycloth Towels
  • Large insulated water cooler with cup dispenser holds 5-gallons of ice water or electrolyte solutions, and keeps it cold longer, for more efficient hydration.
  • Extra storage space for your food and water supplies

Kart Kit Physical Specs:
Overall Dimensions: 2’W x 7’L x 5’H including wheels
Packed Weight: 511 lbs.

Options to add utility, comfort, and more space. The Rehab Kart Kit can be supplemented or augmented with these and other options to compliment rehab operations, or extend the utility of your kit. Many will require storage space and transport outside of the included rolling cart. Please call 800-852-6088 for more information.

  • Optional roof insulation
  • Optional UV filter roof screen
  • Generators
  • Shelter Air Filtration Kit
  • Shelter Heating Kit
  • Shelter Cooling Kit
  • Portable Scene Lighting
  • Metal Shelter Case
  • Metal Accessory Cases
Refills and Supplies to keep your Rehab Kit fully equipped and ready for the next call.
If the Crew Boss name is new to you as a structural firefighter…
ask any of your Wildland Firefighting brethren. A division of Western Shelter, Corporation, this Oregon-based company has earned a solid reputation as one of America’s premier manufacturers of Wildland/Interface/Stationwear clothing and gear. Crew Boss brings 25 years of Made-in-America commitment—with an ISO-certified reputation for quality—to the serious task of providing Firefighter Rehab solutions that would be both effective and affordable. After two years of extensive research and committed development, the results of their efforts can make the difficult job of providing for the health and welfare of your crew easier than you ever have imagined.

Shipping Notes:

Crew Boss Rehab Kart Kits will ship directly from the manufacturer’s factory, usually within one week of the date we receive your order. These products will incur additional freight and handling fees due to dimensional weight and mode of delivery. When your order is placed online, these additional fees will be added to your cart. If you wish to receive a shipping quote prior to placing your order, please call 1-800-852-6088 and a quote specialist will be happy to assist you. These items are excluded from shipping promotions.

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