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Cushion Liner With Jumbo PBI/Kevlar Earlaps

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Leather/Sateen cushion liner with PBI/Kevlar earlaps for all Cairns leather helmet models.

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Great replacement liner.


The old liner on my 69-70' N5A was old and nasty and needed to be replaced. This liner and earflap went right in and was a perfect fit.

It's to small for my Helmet


I ordered a large for my large N6A when it arrived it was to small to fit around the metal ring on the inside of the shell. Pretty upset as I spent good money on it and when i take my Helmet off the liner stays on my head because I can't get it in the shell

close but not quite there


Took my old liner out and tried putting this new one in and the ring was too large for the helmet about an inch. Eventually I have it squeezed there and there is a tiny bend in the metal ring in the back. Tight and uncomfortable. I was sent the medium first on accident and that was too small so I didn't have the wrong product I know for sure.


"I have a Cairns presentation leather helmet size large and want to add ear flaps Can i get color black liner? Scott"

There are 2 different presentation helmets, a G5A, & G64 models, MSA/Cairns does not offer black ear flaps, either you get Yellow Nomex, or Tan color PBI that come in the Deluxe or Standard model helmets.

"I have a cairns 1010 and wanted to know if this liner would work with that set up?"

Cairns leather helmet models, only, no 1010's

"I have an old cairns 6a 1990 small. will the medium work in my helmet?"

This part number will work for your N6A small helmet; L5RP-0002, this is nomex, which is for the standard model, there is no deluxe model for the small helmet.

"will these work for an N6A, made in 2009? size medium..."

It's possible, if you need to replace liner and such I would be reaching out to MSA/Cairns to have them do the replacing of the liners. If i remember correctly there is a certain way to remove the old liners and install the new liner. If it were me that's the way I would go.

"Will a medium liner work in a 93 larger N5a ?"

Are you telling us you have a 1993 N5A Large helmet, and you want to know if a medium liner will fit? No way, no how, medium means a medium, and a large mean large. So your answer is a NO

"Will a large fit in a medium 5A?"

No a medium is designed for sizes 7 1/8"" - 7 1/2"" and a large is sized 7 5/8"" - 8"" so I don't think it will work without doing something to make it fit, and we don't recommend that. If there were a 1 size fits all they would have done so, but they didn't medium is medium and large is large, 2 different liners.

"What size do I need for a N5a when the size in the helmet ADJ-MEL5R"

It looks to me like you have a Medium size helmet, ME usually means a medium, what that L means we don't know. We have been told by MSA/Cairns that the N5A and N6A helmets should be returned to them to have this done to their helmets, I know it sounds like a money making scheme but it will get done correctly, and will be like new when it comes back. We know of some people that have done this with no problems, some that had all kinds of problems, and some real mad customers. MSA charges a flat fee for this project including parts the last time I looked it was less than $100.00.

"I have an N5a 1980's cairns leather helmet, size small. will this work for my helmet? thank you for your time"

We asked MSA, and this is their reply back to us; P/N MSA-L5RP-0002 = SMALL P/N MSA-L5RP-0001 = MEDIUM P/N MSA-L5RP = LARGE All come with yellow nomex ear flaps

"does this liner have slits in it for a ratchet assembly"

Sparky we don't think so, we also recommend that this style helmet N5A or N6A helmets be sent back to MSA/Cairns to have this repair done at the factory, so you know it's done correctly

"Does the liner come with the metal ring to install inside the helmet?"

William, sorry you have to reuse the old metal ring