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EMI Ultra Light Pupil Gauge Penlight

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EMI Ultra Light Pupil Gauge Penlight

EMI’s Ultra-Light Pupil Gauge Penlight now comes in your choice of three striking colors- metallic red, blue or black. The penlight is activated by depressing its tail-cap switch. It has a pocket clip, comes with 2 AAA batteries, and measures 5” x ½”.

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6 reviews

Good description


The colors and that it is metal not plastic. As noted on cons; really easy to be turned on in a case or bag. Was found with dead batteries after transport in a briefcase.

Great service and quality product


These are perfect lights for checking pupils. They are not as obnoxiously bright at an LED so they don't hurt my patient's eyes. They work as described. Delivery was quick. I like mine so well I purchased one for everyone in my office.

Burned out before ever using on the job.


The product as it arrived was nice. It had a good beam and would have been useful, had it lasted. I assume it must have accidentally gotten turned on at some point in transit, because it was burned out by the time I worked my next shift. I replaced the batteries, and it is still not functioning. I guess the LED burned out. In any case, it was a good price, but with shipping and handling, I kind of just threw away money on this product.

Worked great for the first week


I bought 2 of these. It worked great for the first couple shifts, but after less than a week of light use I took it out to use it and found that it didn't work. Maybe it got turned on by accident. I started replaced it with the second one and had the same result. After that I started buying cheaper penlights and one of the cheaper ones has lasted me for almost a year.

Works perfectly!


Easy to use!

Pen lights did not work


Our clinic ordered 2 pen lights, both pen lights did not work properly. One did not turn on and did not close properly, the second penlight only turns on after several attempts.


"IS it an LED bulb or standard bulb?"

Standard bulb

"Is this penlight made in the USA?"


"Does the button have to be held down to illuminate, or does it have a click type button that will allow it to stay on until clicked again?"

This penlight has a click type button on top of the light which keeps the light on until the user clicks the button again.

"How many lumens? What color of light? Neutral, reddish, yellowish?"

Hi, No name, color of the light it self comes in 3 colors; red, blue, & black, unknown lumens, and the light shines white

"Is this plastic or metal?"

It is made out of plastic.