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Fat Ivan Block It and Lock It Lightweight Door Chock with Magnets



Introducing the FAT IVAN®, the evolution of the door chock. Holds the door open all the time…every time!

Introducing the new FAT IVAN®, the evolution of the door chock. FAT IVAN was created out of neccessity. Firefighters are tired of carrying wedges that rarely work or having bulky pieces of welded angle iron hanging out of their pockets.

Firefighters are done having doors close behind them or getting their hose lines pinched under doors. They want a door chock that will work on any door hinge and also fold up and ‘disappear’ in their pocket when not in use. This does it all.
  • Compact, lightweight design (4” x 2” x 1”, only 5 oz.)
  • Strong, durable, corrosion resistant engineered plastic & steel
  • Folds up for pocket or stick on your helmet, stick to metal portion of door for quick access to heavily traveled areas
  • No need to bend-over, ever
  • No damage to door or jamb
  • Magnets allow doors to stay open in alternate ways (folded in half on hinge without using the hook or folded and stuck in corner of metal door frame)
  • 100% guaranteed, Made in the USA
  • TheFireStore decal glows in the dark for easy retrieval at night.

Originally designed by a firefighter for emergency services. Fat Ivan proves vital for many fields including Fire, Police, Commercial, Residential, Hotel/Motel and all deliveries. Ivan’s strong, durable construction, manufactured from engineered plastic and zinc plated steel is guaranteed to do the job. A safe and secure design that will work on any hinge. The easy one-handed operation opens quickly for insertion and never slips off the hinge, guaranteed.

The Fat Ivan can be used a variety of ways to create space. Use one or two Fat Ivans under the head of a backboard to create space for gloved fingers.

Fat Ivan offers this one of a kind tool with confidence and 100% warranty coverage and is guaranteed to be free of any defects. If your Fat Ivan® does not work to your satisfaction they will replace it. Fat Ivan® will not break. If you break it, send it back and we will replace it.

Ratings & Reviews

6 reviews

very good product


great door chock

Great tool


great item.. a must for any firefighter... dare to prepare...

Works well


Not bad. Door has to be able to open to at least 90 degrees to be able to use the chock properly. It looks cool sitting in the bond on your helmet, but a wood chock works just as well, if not better.

Nice Tool


Nice design. There are many products on the market like it, but the extra touches are nice. The only complaints I have is that it is hard to deploy one-handed and it is easy to lose in a turnout gear pocket. I think I'll look for a way to attach a snaplink to it so I can clip it in an easily-accessible place.



I recommend maybe adding three other color choices such as Blaze Orange like Hunters use for safety and visibility. Maybe lime green for a brighter color in visibility as well and possibly Glow In the Dark like the GloWedge. It was just a thought of a scenario where the smoke is thick and a fire fighter is turned around in a multi-door room where he possibly breached one door and come upon another one that had already been open he would be able to see that he did not open that one by placing it on the bottom hinge, on limited air if he's been in awhile or doing search and rescue, etc. and needs to get out every foot or so of visibility can help. No offense to the colors provided the product is great regardless I was just maybe giving an opinion.

Durable and Must Have!


I've tried the handmade wedge bombs and the little sprinkler wedges and neither compare to the Fat Ivan. Small, yet durable, these thing pack a punch when it comes to keeping a door open during an interior attack. I carry two, one on my helmet, and one in my bunker pants.

No Good


Nice gimmick and thought. The metal hinge hanger bends easily, does not fit all doors. Don't waste your money, the Wedge-It is the best chock on the market.

throw out the door wedge !!!!


would be great at a cheaper price or like a package deal of two other then black. they also should offer them in new Cool Colors : like safety orange, FoxGlow lime green, realtree camo and last but not least bright blue (for us rescue guys),just so the fellas dont fight over whos ivan is whos. love my first one cant wait to buy a second one or more



work great,will save a firefighters life

Everyone should have one!


Magnet allows it to be stored on the steel pass door to the garage.