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Fire Hooks Unlimited All Purpose Hook, Fiberglass Handle

$135.59 - $218.59
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The New York City Fire Department standard hook to exact specifications in every detail.

The most versatile hook used in the fire service today. This hook has a multitude of uses, from opening ceilings, walls, floors, moldings and casings to the rapid removal of wood, lath and plaster, tin and sheet metal, plasterboard, fiberboard and sheetrock. Features Specially Tapered Hook-Head Point, Two Workable Ends, Super Strength Fiberglass Pole, Stainless Steel Wear Sleeve, Electrically Non-Conductive, and Celtex Grips.

  • Specially Tapered Hook-Head Point: Can be thrust through all materials more easily than conventional hooks.  
  • Two Workable Ends: Allows versatility whether pulling or prying. Reliance in head strength by using meehanite ductliron. The adz on both ends are flared for a larger pulling or prying surface at the contact points.  
  • Super Strength Solid Fiberglass Pole: End bent or broken poles forever! Luminous color is used for safety during smoke or conditions of poor visibility.  
  • Stainless Steel Wear Sleeves: Over the fiberglass at each end of the hook.  
  • Gas Shut-Off: Slot attached to the pole end is a gas shut-off. You know which direction the head is at all times. High gas meters may be shut from the floor level.  
  • Electrically Non-Conductive 
  • Celtex Grips: 28 inches of sanded celtex gives the user a positive no-slip shock absorbing grip.  
  • They weld all component parts, head and shut-off to stainless steel sleeves.
  • Available with Gas Shut Off, Ram Knob End or D-Handle.
Note: 8' models have added fiberglass. Availability may vary.

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