Fire Hooks Unlimited Newark Combo Tool, Roof Hook with ADZ & Spike, 44"

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The right combo tool to tackle a hundred critical tasks at the fire scene.

The right tool to tackle a hundred critical tasks at the fire scene. Pry, pound, puncture, twist, cut open, or remove all types of barriers between emergency service personnel and endangered lives. Feel confident using this tool to break through doors, locks, and obstructions.

Open up ceilings, walls, floors, and moldings with power, speed, and effectiveness. And most important, the fork, adz, and point are designed with the correct lengths, widths, and tapers to enable the firefighter to effect easy penetration and maximum leverage.

Features Celtex grips at the middle of tool for efficient handling and includes a heavy duty adjustable nylon carry strap with sewn-in hi-vis trim. 44” long, 14 lbs.
  • Adz and spike for prying, pulling, and forcible entry
  • NY Roof style hook head is specially tapered for a variety of uses including overhaul
  • Features Celtex grips at the middle of tool for efficient handling
  • Includes heavy-duty adjustable nylon carry strap with sewn-in hi-vis trim
  • 44” long, 14 lbs.

Fire Hooks Unlimited does not guarantee that there are no cosmetic blemishes on their tools.

Fire Hooks Unlimited is not responsible for cosmetic blemishes that do not compromise the integrity, usability, and safety of the product. Please note this when ordering their products.

Ratings & Reviews

3 reviews

Great tool!


I purchased one with the ""gun barrel"" option - the tubing was thicker walled than the standard 44 bar. First thing I did was grind off the rings to allow more functionality. I've used it, abused it and it keeps coming back for more. Most recently it was used to help demo an old bowling alley. It's chewed through everything thrown at it without a hiccup. A great tool for truckies or officers.

Excellent combination tool


This is an excellent tool for overhauling. It weighs 14 pounds and does pack a punch and does not have a problem going through whatever it strikes. I used it for walls and ceilings and I had no problems at all. I would recommend this tool for truck companies, volunteers etc. Pretty much anybody. the only downside is the tool can be quite heavy, but the strap is an excellent addition. This tool proved useful because when I finished ripping the ceiling, all I had to do was turn the tool over to the adze wedge to continue work on the wall instead of having to carry two tools in at once. I have not tried this tool out with search and rescue yet, but If I needed to make an emergency exit, I would grab this tool first.

Not actually drop forged


Pretty cool tool over all. I wanted a tool with better leverage than the standard 30"" haligan, and I also like to carry a New York hook. The tool is advertised as a one piece drop forged tool. When it arrived however, it was obviously two or three pieces that are welded together. To make matters worse, the handle is actually a hollow pipe. Now I'm worried about bending it when I really put it to work. I have bent several of Firehook's New York hooks in the past. They also have hollow pipe handles. I'm sure the tool will hold up under light to moderate use, but I like heavy duty tools. I plan to carry it until it fails, but if I had known it wasn't actually a one piece drop forged tool, I would not have purchased it.

Almost a good tool

by -

Cool idea, poor construction. Having the adz, pike, and hook all in one is great. Would’ve been a perfect 5 stars if it was drop forged like the pro bar 30. I read some reviews before I bought it and people seemed to have good success with it. Once I received it, I wanted to test it out on a door prop. Immediate reaction was that it felt weak. It got through the door, but it was bending already with only 1 dowel in the door. Should be fine for any cheap residential doors and locks, but any semi hard door, commercial door, or heavy duty residential doors with good locks will bend the tool. It might get through it, but you will feel yourself bracing for when it breaks. I understand a drop forged tool of this size will be heavy, but I would rather have a tool that can handle anything, within reason, that I can throw at it and not have to wonder if it’s gonna be a bent noodle when I’m done using it. One pro is that it is lightweight. Great concept but should be stronger.