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Fire Hooks Unlimited Pro Bar Maul Set, 30" bar, 8 lb maul

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This pair is a forcible entry MUST for any truck or rescue company.

The Adz-8-28 Pro Set consists of the Pro-Bar 30", which is married to the 8 lb Sledge Hammer with Adz bracket along with the reflective Shoulder Strap System. The Sledge has a 28" fiberglass handle with Celtex grip. 

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"Is there a mounting bracket out there for this setup to be mounted on the truck. Thanks"

There are many options on how to mount this setup on your truck. Please visit our Tool Mounts section of the website to see a full array of options. http://www.thefirestore.com/store/category.aspx/categoryId/2192/Tool-Mounts/#/orderby/1