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Fire Hooks Unlimited The FireMaxx 14-in-1 Tool

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The FireMaxx Tool is 14 Tools In 1! It is One-Piece Drop Forged and Heated and features self-extinguishing celtex grips. It can be carried in your hand, on your belt or even a harness. 

Available in two lengths: 22" and 26".

14-in-1 Tools:
  • Axe 
  • Hammer 
  • Spanner Wrench 
  • Windshield Cutter 
  • Rappelling Ring 
  • Gas Shut-Off 
  • Water Shut-Off 
  • Battery Disconnect 
  • Dry Wall Cutter 
  • Forcible Entry 
  • Hinge Remover 
  • Pry Bar 
  • Stortz Latch Opener 
  • Hood Remover

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Haven't had a chance to use this in the field yet, but I was happy with the 26"" size wears well on my belt. But I was pretty disappointed to find that none of the cutting edges where sharp. I had expected it with the axe blade and that sharpened up relatively quickly. But the glass cutter and the glass scoring edge being dull, came as a surprise. The glass cutter sharpened up decent with a chainsaw file. But the scoring edge was a pain. Over all I'm confident that it will be a very handy tool. Will I be using to cut out a windshield? Probably not. Just about every other aspect of the tool I'm sure I'll use at some point.

kicks butt


This is a great tool. Light weight and heavy duty! I've only been using it about a month but it's working great and I've caught the last few fires. So it must be good luck too!

Does what you need but not all that you are hoping for.


This tool is great it does ALMOST everything it claims. I'm a career fire fighter fresh out of the academy. I saw this tool and like most of you I was overjoyed when the advertisement essentially said I could do my entire job with this one tool. It and flash lights were my only initial gear purchase for the job. I was sorely disappointed when I discovered that the tool can NOT open or close hydrants. I tried the spanner out on a 5"" and it dig fit and tighten the coupling well. The axe blade works like a dream. I got my first fire and overhaul was cake, I easily opened up walls, took off door paneling and easily got through anything I need. including pulling nails. I'm only 5'6 140lbs, by the way and I was easily working as fast and effectively with the guys with me with bigger classic tools., the hammer end works well. good for right or left hand, double or single use. the size let me get in small places and work well, and when I had space? Forget about it. I haven't tried repelling with it, or cutting glass (it's a axe, I'm sure it'll do fine) but even with out a hydrant rench this thing is great. That feature not working was a big disappointment though. Not gonna lie.

Good idea, that's about it.


Career for 20 years and in 2008 made Captain. I was looking for a tool as an officer on an Engine Co. That ads got me on this thinking I could just carry this and cover a wide range of options. Kind of like the Officer's Tool. Don't waste your time. It's too short for proper leverage in forcible entry and overhaul. Forks need tuning and still to narrow for any TTL methods. Forks are also way thick and small for forcing doors. Fire Hook is a great company, they missed the mark with this one. Spend your money on a Maxx Rexx with their 8 lb lock slot flat head. Grab you a shove knife and a key tool. There's no where you won't be able to go. A drill with a 1/8th bit on it will drill out any tumblers on locks. Add a flathead screw driver and can get the same done too.


"How much does the FireMaxx weigh and what are the differences between it and the HammerMaxx?"


"Hello Im looking at getting some of your Firemaxx tool 22"". Can you please send me the cost of shipping to UK postcode HU17. Thank you Nick"

Hi Nick. Shipping would be approximately 90.95 GBP.

"Do you ship to Canada, and what is the price difference?"

Micheal, we do ship to Canada quite often, pricing should be the same as the lower 48,only difference I'm aware of is the shipping charges, compared to shipping within the lower 48

"14 tools in 1? What are those 14 tools? Can it be used as a pike pole or hammer?"

Hey Robert, that info is on our web page, but we copied it here for you; Available in two lengths: 22"" and 26"". 14-in-1 Tools: - Axe - Hammer - Spanner Wrench - Windshield Cutter - Rappelling Ring - Gas Shut-Off - Water Shut-Off - Battery Disconnect - Dry Wall Cutter - Forcible Entry - Hinge Remover - Pry Bar - Stortz Latch Opener - Hood Remover

"Is the 26'' out of stock? I am trying to buy the 26'' but when I check out it shows it is the 22"", like it does not let me get the 26"". Please let me know. Thank you"

Both the 22"" and the 26"" are in stock at this moment. Sometimes in order to click onto another size on the product page you have to click the ""Reset"" button next to the ""Add To Cart"" button on the product page.

"how much weight will the repelling ring hold?"

According to the vendor it can hold up to 1000lbs.