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FoxFire Illuminating Helmet Band, 2nd Generation



Transforming the safety of firefighting. Track firefighters and increase safety in smoky or dark environments with illuminating/glow-in-the-dark helmet bands.

Made of industrial grade high temperature resistant silicone, Foxfire illuminating helmet bands were designed specifically to handle the heat and rigors of firefighting. Each helmet band will illuminate for hours. The helmet bands may be charged repeatedly by any type of light condition, however the brighter the light the brighter and longer the bands will illuminate and glow.

The 2nd Generation Helmet Band has 40% more “Glow” pigment in it giving a much brighter and longer lasting “glow”
  • Increases visibility and positional orientation 
  • Can be charged by any light source (sun, artificial light, low light) 
  • Will illuminate for hours
  • May be recharged repeatedly 
  • Glow/illumination serves as a “light emitter” 
  • Energy efficient, eco-friendly and no batteries required 
  • Made of industrial grade high temperature resistant silicone 
  • Can withstand high temperatures

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Great roduct


Fits nice and tight on helmet. Can be seen at a good distance.

Glow in the Dark


I currently have the 1st gen Foxfire helmet band on my first leather helmet. My 2nd helmet, i have the Gen 2 Foxfire helmet band. I have had my gen 1 for a while, and it still works. However, I can not compare the gen 2 band to the gen 1 quite yet just because it is brand new. The gen 2 band however, does glow alot brighter as advertised.

Be seen at night.


Let there be light! .. well a strong glow , weather you're a Company Officer or Firefighter you can track crew members and bee seen by everyone on the fire ground , even in Heavy smoke conditions . Fantastic safety product every Helmet should have one. Cleans up easy and does not melt!

very bright!


This is a very well made band and it is very bright and charges quickly, glows for a while and look cool!



Bright, but doesn't stay charged as long as I thought it would. Very thick, sticky band that stays in place.

This website's customer service is great


I don't really like ordering things online because the customer service is either terrable, or everything is automated. The employees at the fire store not only gave me email updates letting me know the latest status of my package, but also called to make sure they had all my shipping information correct. They were on top of my order, and I feel completely safe ordering from them again.

Better than a Rubber tube


After having the Ole rubber inner tube finally snap, I made the decision to make the investment in the Fox Fire Helmet band after seeing other members also make the investment. Have absolutely no issues with it thus far; it's a bit dirty but still holds a glow!

Too tight


I bought this helmet band with safety in mind. As a firefighter mom I love the idea of any increased illumination during fire calls. The glow on this band is great and my son loved it. But as he put it on his helmet, it was very tight and when he tried to add door stops, the band ripped. I don't know if other helmets are smaller or if this band was smaller than usual, but that was our experience. Disappointed.

Much more pleased with the next generation one...


Compared to the first generation that i had i can tell the difference between how bright they glow, and the second generation glows longer. Very pleased!

love anything foxfire


this band is way better than any plain black helmet band, it illuminates you and helps you be seen easier. these bands are well constructed and very very durable