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Gallo En Fuego Hose iPad Case



Introducing the NEWEST member of the Gallo En Fuego line, their decommissioned hose Apple iPad case. "Use proudly knowing it once saved a life."

This hose jacket won't scuff it has been dragged through every element there is, mud, rain, snow, glass, metal, the fire and HIGH heat, thousands of gallons of water... what more can you ask for to protect your valuable iPad?!
  • Tough, resilient, durable, decommissioned  hose line
  • Elastic band holds the cover shut
  • Internal pocket to hold important documents and paperwork
  • Prop the screen up for an easy vertical display or fold the cover around back
  • Camera eyelet on back face
  • Easy device removal
  • Fits Gen 2 and 3 iPads

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"Will the case fit the iPad mini"

This case is not available for the mini at this time.