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HAIX FIRE HERO XTREME, 11" Leather Bunker Boot, Mens, NFPA

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German engineered with HAIX most advanced technology—keeps you cooler, comfortable, mobile, and protected in extreme conditions—like no other fire boot in the world.

  • 11” overall height protects without restricting the movement of wider calves
  • HAIX® Sun Reflect Leather reduces radiant heating of the leather; keeps feet significantly cooler in hot sunlight
  • HAIX® Secura Liner®: Footwear inner liner will never pull out or even wrinkle up over time
  • CROSSTECH® 4-layer technology for a waterproof, breathable, bacteria and chemical resistant, blood borne pathogen resistant boot
  • Innovative protective toe cap of non-conductive carbon HX. Meets ASTM F2413-05 standard for protective footwear with less weight, more comfort
  • All-new more slip-resistant nitrile rubber sole integrates non-slip edges, suction cups, and other features for superior traction on slick and wet surfaces.
  • HAIX AF Ankle Flex system provides additional, highly padded flex zones on the top and sides of the ankle, for optimal fit and flexibility without pressure points.
  • Certified NFPA 1971-2013, NFPA 1992-2005; NFPA 1992-2005; CAN/CSA Z195-2009; ASTM F2413-05

Extraordinary new dual-certified NFPA slip-on Structural boots are engineered with Haix most advanced structural fire boot technology ever. It starts outside, with waterproof, breathable, 11” hydrophobic and chemical-resistant leather uppers.

This tough, temperature resistant upper has a soft comfortable collar with generous pull-on straps. Once you start donning the boot, the HAIX Ankle Flex system takes over—flexible, padded, elastic components make donning easy, while the cushioned self-adjusting ankle and instep automatically provide optimum fit while ensuring high flexibility and preventing pressure points. Additional padding at the sides of ankles help protect against impact to the ankle bones.

A special lip at the rear of the heel, not only provides additional shock protection, it becomes a boot jack for the toe of your other boot to make doffing easier than ever—without damaging the back of the boot heel.

Distinctive high visibility yellow chevrons on each side of the boots continue under the sole along the ladder arch, making your feet more visible…and leaving no doubt that you’re prepared to be Fire Hero®

CROSSTECH® Laminate Technology inside, provides a dependable barrier against moisture, hazardous chemicals, and blood-borne pathogens. The HAIX® Secura Liner will never pull out or wrinkle up with use over time. The durable, comfortable inner is firmly secured and permanently sealed beneath the sole, along with the upper leather.

MSL System (Micro Soft Light) polyurethane foam is injected into the sole to seal the liner and ensure long lasting shock absorbtion and insulation from temperature extremes. It works in concert with the HAIX® Climate System to create a boot that not only blocks outside moisture, it actually breathes—effectively pushing perspiration out, and pulling fresh air in—with every step you take.

The advanced HAIX® Arch Support System features a shock-absorbing, insulating polyurethane cushioning wedge for all-day comfort and support. At the bottom of it all, the all-new, premium fire resistant Nitrile rubber shell sole is oil and fuel resistant; and insulates against heat, cold, and high voltage. It’s unique self-cleaning tread pattern features ladder bar tread in the joint area, honey-comb pattern treads, and round suction cups, all combining for secure traction on a very wide range of surfaces indoors or out, under all conditions, over any terrain.

Certified NFPA 1971-2013, NFPA 1992-2005; CAN/CSA Z195-2009; ASTM F2413-05.

HAIX® Secura Liner®: Footwear inner liner which will never pull out or wrinkle up over time; lining is firmly secured and sealed along with the upper leather beneath the sole.

HAIX Sun Reflect Leather: Reduces the heating effect ofthe upper leather. Sunlight is reflected by the leather,keeping the leather and the feet cooler.

HAIX Climate System: Permits air circulation with every step – moist air is released and fresh air comes in through the vent holes at the top of the boot.

HAIX MSL System: Micro Soft Light: PU foam injected throughout the sole for greater shock absorption and cold/ heat insulation; extremely low weight.

HAIX AF System: Ankle Flex System refers to the functionality of a pull-on boot which enables it to adjust to different foot, ankle, and heel shapes providing optimal fit in the boot. Integrated flex-zones ensure high flexibility and prevents pressure points.

Protective Toe Cap: Anatomically formed and well-padded Carbon HX toe cap to meet ASTM 2413-05 and CAN/CSA Z195-2009 standard for personal protection – protective footwear.

Protective Flexible Midsole: Flexible protective stainless steel, cast into the sole, to meet ASTM F2413-05 and CAN/CSA Z195-2009 standard for personal protection – protective footwear.

Upper Material: Waterproof leather, hydrophobic, and breathable.

Moisture Barrier: CROSSTECH® footwear, 4 layers, waterproof and breathable, bacteria and chemical resistant,
Blood borne pathogen resistant. Highly abrasion resistant and softly padded with breathable foam.

Sole: Uniquely designed rubber nitrile sole with a stable non-slipping sole edge for uneven terrain. The honeycomb tread pattern and yellow suction cups offer excellent traction on slick and wet surfaces. Ladder bar treads in the joint area for stability on ladder rungs. Oil and fuel resistant, non-chalky, and self cleaning, high voltage resistant.

Insole: Machine washable insert with excellent moisture absorption and quick drying qualities. With the development of 3 different insoles, the boots can be adapted to fit individual widths.

Footbed: Anatomically formed TEXON (fleece) absorbs moisture and supports ankle.

ID System: A white area at back of boot top acts as a nameplate that can be personalized with any permanent marker, for easy identification of your boots

Other: Reflective strips, profiled rubber toe cap, large boot straps on both sides, shin protection. Extended Wear Program: Out of warranty footwear can be refurbished with original factory parts through a resole package. This package includes any necessary replacement or repair of stitching, profiled rubber toe caps, soles, and insoles. Footwear will be cleaned and deodorized.

CROSSTECH® Laminate, watertight and breathable. Highly abrasion-resistant lining with fleece midlayer for optimized climate comfort for all seasons. Superior penetration resistance against blood and body fluids (protection against blood borne bacteria and virus). Increased chemical protection.

Each step produces a bellows effect which pushes moist air out of the boot and pulls fresh air in through openings in the upper shaft.

Micro Soft Light: Polyurtehane foam is injected into the midsole to optimize shock absorption and insulate against temperature extremes.

Additional protection and high wear resistance of countersunk seams increase service life.

Footwear is certified to meet or exceed CAN/CSA certification requirements.

Footwear is certified to meet or exceed NFPA certification.

Reduces the heating of boot keeping the leather and the feet cooler in hot sunlight.

Ratings & Reviews

11 reviews

go with globe


once you break them in your foot will be extremely loose in them feels like your walking on a rock extrm uncomfortable they were good at first. then I broke them in and I went back to globe will never leave globe again. in cold weather you foot will freeze do to all the metal in it

Exact description


Great product - wish all my gear was this good.

Best fire boot I have ever owned


Great boot, easy to don and doff. Very comfortable. Sometimes I wish I could wear them all day.

Fire hero xtreme


I recently bought these at a local store and all I can say is WOW! They are extremely comfortable (almost more comfortable then my station boots) and they look great the bright yellow stripe on the side helps with visibility and is just a nice touch. it is tight around the ankle bit it is meant to to prevent Someone rolling there ankle. They are a bit heavier then the globe supremes but the reason being is the metal shank goes from the toe to heel and all the way down the bottom of the foot to prevent and object like a nail to puncture them while the globes are just parts like where the foot arches. They are extremely easy to don and doff and are NFPA compliant for structural firefighting and hazmat and trench rescue. Overall I give them a 5 out of 5

HAIX Fire Hero Xtreme


I'm highly satisfied with these boots!

Great boot!


Great boot, most comfortable Ive worn. This brand has never let me down. I also own the station boot which is another great boot.

No price too high for safety, comfort, and reliability!


I use this product for structural/interior firefighting, and I'm VERY pleased with this item. What's not to like when the job is done, and your feet still feel good? These boots are perfect. Highly recommended for its purpose. Only negative is the price, but you pay for what you get. WELL worth it.

Not bad, but hurt your feet


Our department bought some of these boots, but all of us were disappointed. They fit tight and hurt your ankles after an hour or two. Heavier than other high priced leather boots. Even after breaking them in, they hurt our feet and the fit got too loose.

Amazing pair of boots


i love these boots so much,thanks to a longtime firefighter who let me wear his, i found these were my best option for leather boots