Haven South AFAST-1 The Attic Stick Suppression System

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The Attic Stick Suppression System

1"x 5' Alum. Pipe w/ 1-3/4" Brass Tip and NST Threads

The A-FAST system is a simple yet effective product for application of water or water / foam mixtures to an attic or confined space.  Its specially designed applicator nozzle projects a high volume of water 360° in a horizontal pattern from the tip.

Originally designed for fighting concealed attic fires from below or horizontally, the A-FAST system can be used to fight confined space fires as well.  This unit is NOT designed with a hardened tip to be used as a piercing nozzle, although we have been able to punch through a standard 1/2-inch drywall ceiling or window pane.

The A-FAST applicator and control valve assembly is easily attached to any 1-1/2 inch fire hose thread.  The applicator nozzle and extension also have a 1-1/2 female thread to attach to your own valve unit.  The nozzle head is machined brass and will allow the firefighter to push the unit up through most drywall ceilings.  It is NOT a piercing nozzle, so any other type of material will have to be punctured with a pike or “New York” hook to gain access for the nozzle and pipe unit.

Recent testing shows that the A-FAST nozzle system is flowing approximately 200 gallons per minute with a 360° circumference and 30 feet from the nozzle. Test using 200 feet of 1-3/4″ hose line with 180 PSI engine pressure.

Mounting on your apparatus can be achieved in a number of ways.  Depending on your method of deployment you may pre-connect your nozzle on a crosslay / speedlay or hosebed lay. The A-Fast can also be mounted anywhere on your apparatus for quick deployment


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