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Honeywell Morning Pride Comfort Cap Headband and Ratchet Cover

$12.99 - $55.99
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This deluxe leather liner can easily be installed in your helmet in minutes.

Replaces your standard flannel liner system. Adds additional comfort to your forehead, making your already comfortable helmet a real pleasure to wear for longer periods of time. This accessory consists of a comfort cap headband and ratchet pad.
  • Choose Black Leather or Black Indura Cotton
  • End User Installed
  • Purchase as an Accessory with your new helmet!

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This item covers the entire inside of the lid, I use a customized firelid, so that part was not exactly compatible. I cleaned out the old one really well (it is u-shaped, and allows me to use the firelid insert). Still quite happy overall.

Great Addition


I recently replaced my liner and headband on my Morning Pride Ben 2. I decided to order the comfort cap liner and ratchet cover to go along with it. I ordered it in leather to try something different than the ordinary fabric version I have been using for years. It was easy to install and fit perfectly. I have to admit, this is the most comfortable my helmet has fit since I've owned it. Wish I would have added these additions on to it 7 years ago.


"What models is this product compatible with? I have a 2000 - 2006 Ben 2, does it fit this?"

Justin, Yes this will fit your helmet

"I have a Ben 2 plus HT-BF2-HDO made 7-3-2012. Will this work?"

Dave, we don't see any reason why this won't work, there are no model years listed as to it not working.

"I have a Ben 2 made after 2007. The liner in the helmet is worn out and I was planning on replacing it. I want to replace the existing liner/ratchet system with a new low-rise conversion, model# W-HR-SSB-12. Can I use this comfort cap headband and ratchet, in leather, with the new low-rise conversion or is it only compatible with the original style liner and ratchet?"

HR-SSB-12 has been replaced with HR-BNSUS-2, and you should be able to use the comfort cap in leather with the new low-rise conversion

"I have a Model HT-BF2-BPR (MFG Date 05/07/2010) and need to replace the suspension and earflaps. Which Ratchet assembly and flaps should I be looking to purchase? Are there any other items I'm over looking? Thanks! Bill"

To replace the current insides of your Ben 2 the following part numbers will be needed; Ratchet/ headband and suspension- HR-BNSUS-1 (fits years 2007 to present) Earlaps- HP-450 for nomex/flannel HP-452 for PBI/nomex