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Honeywell Morning Pride/Paulson NFPA Firefighting Goggles

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For Lite Force Plus and Ben 2 Plus Helmets.

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"If I have a anzi facesheild I still need eye protection right ? So if i get anzi or 1971 NFPA googles do I need the facesheild for NFPA 1500 or not at all ? Just the goggles?"

Captain, on the helmet your wearing now, is there a 4"" face shield, goggles, or flip downs (Bourkles) or any combination there of all the eye protection? does your helmet have on the inside skull cap a sticker saying you helmet meets NFPA 1971 standard, either the 2007 edition or other edition? up till the 2013 edition of the 1971 NFPA standard, you could have anything for eye protection, except the bourkle flip downs, unless you had them combined with the goggles or a face shield To answer a couple of your questions, ANZI has nothing to do with the NFPA standard, a 4"" face shield attached to a helmet from the factory should have a NFPA lable inside your helmet,

"Do these mount to the helmet?"

Yes , we are currently using a 4 inch shield and goggles both attached to the helmet. NFPA 1500 states face protection is needed in addition to primary eye protection. Thanks took me a little while to find the info I needed.