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Honeywell Morning Pride U-Bracket and Mounting Hardware



For Ben 2 Plus Helmet.

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"Hello, I have been given an old Morning Pride helmet for my son. I bought a leather front piece but I don't know how to fix it. As I am not English speaking, it's quite difficult for me to well understand what to buy. If I buy this U-Bracket and mounting hardware for the bottom, and a brass eagle for the top, would it be enough to hold the front piece? Thanks for reply, Best regards, Charles-Emmanuel"

Charles-Emmanuel, With your helmet there should be 2 studs coming our of the helmet that you attach the U-Bracket to, this will hold that to the helmet. You should get with the U Bracket 2 screws that will be used to attach your leather front to your bracket. If I'm reading this correctly it sounds like you also need the brass eagle for the top of the helmet also, if this is true you will also need a front stabilizer kit. I'll give you all 3 part numbers and prices, you can then go to our web page and locate the helmet section scroll over to Morning Pride helmets, then down to accessories/parts and look for the 3 part numbers and that should help you with how all of this comes together and work for your helmet.If you still have trouble understanding this, e mail me with your questions @ bgriffin@thefirestore.com. Ok here are your part numbers you need to order; HP-HAE Eagle @ $39.59, HR-HO3 U Brascket @ $8.99 and HF-BR Leather Front Stabilizer Kit @ $6.99. Hope this helps you.

"Will this fit a Honeywell EV-1 helmet?"

Captain, yes this will work on the EV-1 helmet

"I just acquired a used morning pride ben2 helmet. It's missing the u bracket and the two screws on bottom to hold u bracket. Any ideas where to find the hardware I'll need. Thanks"

You can certainly place that order here. On this product page click ""Add To Cart"" and the U-Bracket and screws will be placed in your cart for checkout.