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Junkin Head & Neck Immobilizer



The Head Immobilizer

  • 1 base plate, 2 head blocks and 2 head/chin straps
  • Vinyl coated
  • Buoyant and waterproof
  • Can be left in place during X-rays
Attaching The Head Immobilizer To The Spineboard
Make sure head immobilizer is taken apart. You should have 1 base plate, 2 head blocks and 2 head/chin straps. Place base plate against top of spineboard with attached straps stretched out. The straps attached to the base plate loop over and then through the handle, running the strap in-between the board and the base plate. Run the strap through and over the other handle and attach strap to Velcro on base plate. Repeat with 2nd strap. Attach retention strap at top of base plate by looping through center hole of spine board. Attach head blocks to Velcro and place head/chin straps over blocks and loop Velcro ends through D rings on base plate. 

Securing the patient in the Head Immobilizer
Position the patient on the backboard so that their head is positioned in the middle of the base plate. Secure the patient on the backboard with restraining straps. Place the head blocks against each side of the patients head. When possible align the holes in the head blocks with the patient's ears so the patient can hear. Loop each end of the forehead/chin straps through the D rings. Tighten as needed.

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