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Kestrel Relative Humidity Calibration Kit for Weather Meters



A timely alternative to Factory Recalibration. Field Recalibration ensures your Kestrel is performing up to spec.

  • Compact kit contains everything you need to perform dozens of recalibrations in the field.
  • Simple calibration process ensures that your Kestrel is always performing within specifications
  • Calibration takes approximately 13 hours, including setup and calibration
  • Instruction Manual explains in detail all the steps to successfully recalibrating your Kestrel

The RH calibration kit includes the following items:

  • Three clear, sealable containers
  • One container with magnesium chloride solution
  • One container with sodium chloride solution
  • Two wooden scrapers
  • An insulated carrying case to hold all of the above and maintain a stable environment while performing calibration
  • Detailed manual explaining all the steps for recalibrating your Kestrel.

The large container is used to create a stable environment. The small containers are used to hold the saturated salt solution. The saturated salt solutions generate well-defined humidities when they are confined to a contained environment. While the calibration process is very simple, it is important that you follow the steps carefully! A careless calibration could enter incorrect values into the unit and degrade its performance.

Click Here to Download the Calibration Kit Instructions. This manual explains in detail all of the steps for recalibrating your Kestrel. This process will take approximately 13 hours, including setup and calibration.

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