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LION SmartDummy Rescue

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Rescue SmartDummy™ is made for even the toughest environments.

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Rugged, interactive mannequins that provide realistic rescue situations year after year.

LION’s SmartDummy™ mannequin is tough enough to take on intense fire training and smart enough to interact with rescuers.

Built with rugged, “firefighter-proof” materials, the SmartDummy™ mannequin can handle your toughest training requirements. Internal weighted padding and a flexible design provide uniform weight distribution and realistic feel.

The interactive built-in VoiceBox makes it easy to record messages in between evolutions. Choose between continuous or sound activated playback. 

Rescue Mannequin
The SmartDummy™ is designed to withstand your toughest training evolutions. In addition to crush-resistant materials, the mannequin comes with a rugged uni-shell covering, removable boots and a Drag Rescue Device (DRD strap).

The SmartDummy’s internal weighted padding provides even weight distribution so that it feels like a real victim. Flexible joints enable a full range of mobility without pinch points. The programmable VoiceBox is located in the head for ease of access.

Voice Box
Bring the LION SmartDummy™ to life with the interactive VoiceBox.
  • Integrated Microphone:
    • Press and hold the record button to capture a message or sound effect.
  • Continuous/SoundActivated Mode:
    • Set the VoiceBox to play messages continuously or respond only when noise is detected.
  • Volume Control:
    • Turn up the volume to train how to stay cool with frantic victims.
    • Turn down the volume for extrication victim breathing or moaning sounds.
  • Reaction Sensitivity:
    • Adjust the minimum noise level required to activate the VoiceBox in Sound-Activated Mode.
Training Opportunities 
The SmartDummy™ was built to be a better rescue mannequin for a full range of training scenarios. The SmartDummy™ moves, feels and sounds like a real victim for training scenarios including:
  • F.A.S.T.
  • Building Collapse
  • Vehicle Extrication
  • Confined Space
  • Wall Breach Extrication
  • Entrapment

Mannequin Body:
  • Weight: 55 lbs. or 110 lbs. standard (24.95 kg or 49.89 kg)
  • Height: 5’ 10” (177.8 cm)
  • Power: Four AA batteries
    • Runtime:9 hours in Continuous Mode or 15 hours in Sound-Activated Mode
  • Volume: 0-80 dB at 3 ft. (91.44 cm)
Note: NOMEX suit is available separately.

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