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La Sportiva Glacier WLF Boot

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Mountain boot performance with Forestry management features!

The  Glacier boot specifically designed for Forestry management. The original LaSportiva Glacier was a classic, lightweight leather mountain boot that was great for long backpack trips, NOLS and general mountaineering. 

Heat-resistant sole with a rubber compound that is resistant to 300°C and a glue that is resistant to 70° C. Heat activated glue WILL delaminate when exposed to fire or heat. (This delam is not covered under warranty.)
  • Designed for forest management work and post fire clean up work
  • This boot is not designed for Front Line Firefighting
  • Double cuff to meet minimum 8" height requirement and add extra protection in rugged terrain
  • Heat resistant heel and toe counters
  • Modified D-Ring ankle lacing
  • Superb cushioning and support without the weight of traditional logger-style Wildland boots
  • Light weight and superior shock absorption reduces fatigue and injuries
  • Water repellant, breathable all-leather upper
  • Cement sole construction with specially formulated glue compound resistant to 70° C
  • Half steel shank engineered for maximum flexibility

This exceptionally comfortable, durable boot has an Ice-New sole. The bulletproof Idro-Perwanger one-piece leather uppers will repel the toughest obstacles, and do a great job protecting your feet.

Their premium, silicone injected rough-out leather is made especially for LaSportiva by Perwanger leather of Italy, using a special process to make them extremely water repellent, but still breathable.

The many converts to the La Sportiva boots—"hot shot crewmembers, smokejumpers, rappellers, engine crewmembers and others who wear these boots on wildland fire assignments…prefer them over traditional logger-style boots.

  • Weight: 32.1oz (910g)
  • Last: Makalu
  • Construction: Board Lasted
  • Upper: 3mm Idro-Perwanger Roughout Leather/ removeable EZ Flex tongue with Dry-Best lining
  • Lining: Dry-Best
  • Insole: 8mm MtnFlex with 1.5mm Dacromet-coasted half steel shank
  • Midsole: PU Aircushion
  • Sole: Vibram Ice-New HRO Test and ISO 20344 Certified
  • Sizes: 38 - 48 (half sizes) European


Get the right size…right out of the box.

La Sportiva Glacier boots are built in European half sizes, on a Mountain Boot Last.

To obtain your fit for the Glacier, use ONLY the La Sportiva size conversion chart below.

1. Find your American size* on the top line of the chart. Use the size of your most comfortable boots.
2.Match it to the European size (or half size), in the scale below it.
3.Go up to the next highest European size (or half size) to accommodate the Glacier’s snug high-performance fit and wider feet. This is the size you should order.

Click here for Size Chart

Women’s Sizes: *At this time, we don’t offer the women’s Glacier style online, but we will gladly place a special order for you. Please call 800-852-6088 for details.


WARRANTY NOTICE:Although originally created for hiking and climbing, the La Sportiva Glacier mountain boot has quickly become a popular choice for Forestry management all over the country. However, fire-generated heat that might be encountered while fighting fires may lead to glue breaking down and potential separation of the sole from the leather upper.

Please Note: Heat delamination and associated damage that may be encountered while fighting fires is NOT COVERED by La Sportiva N.A. under the Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty, or by TheFireStore.com.

Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews

Doesnt last


Wear this with 45lb plus pack. Great support and good comfort but with limited exposure to fireline heat and only a few fires over two years. These began to delam at the toe and sides. Local cobbler couldn't repair and no support from La Sportiva. Great boot for hiking/backpacking in cooler weather. Dont expose to heat due to delamination of glued sole.

Not quite tough enough.


Boots are used daily hiking and working in the woods. I have used them on several wild fires/prescribed fires and have not yet experienced the delamination problem. I had to send them back to La Sportiva to replace an eyelet that popped out and they gave me a new pair of boots immediately. Fast break-in but then they started breaking down the following week. Very flimsy for a wildland firefighting boot. Also laces tend to un-tie unless you triple knot them.

Fixed the problem!


Owned a pair of these for three years. Had the soles delaminate at the start of the second fire season (the glue only holds until 212 degrees). They came apart with no warning what so ever. But I was in duff about 4 inches deep. I found a fix that lasted me the rest of that season and I still wear them everyday. I took them to a local body shop and they used an automotive adhesive called 81-15 to glue the soles back together(was going to be a quick fix until new boots arrived). 48 hours later I put them on and have used them for everything from station duty to rescue to Initial attack on wildland fires. They are still one of the most comfortable pair of boots I have ever had, they only thing that comes close was my pair of Whites.

Will melt!


These boots melt! I would recommend against them



La Sportiva did NOT fix the delamination issue. Great boot, comfortable with very little break-in, sturdy... I WANT this boot again as soon as they fix the melting issue. My soles detached from the toe back to about mid-arch during a hike in to a fire (through the green and briefly through the black avoiding hot ash), they were flopping off by the time I saw any flames. I spent the next half of the season super gluing my soles back on, gas station super glue held up better than whatever La Sportiva used. Do NOT buy unless you are just a fuels or contract crew that will not see any heat.


"Do these boots meet NFPA 1977 requirements. Stanadard on protective clothing and equipment for wildland firefighting?"

No where could I find that this boot meets any NFPA standards, did you read the reviews at the bottom of page, and the disclaimer about the glue breaking down when exposed to heat, and no warranty from the mfg. or The Fire Store,I wouldn't purchase them for wildland firefighting.

"How accurate is the sizing? Do the run big, or smaller? How does the width match up?"

We don't have any data suggesting that these boots run small or big to the euro / US conversion sizing.