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Leatherhead NY-Style Hook with Angled Chisel at Foot

$74.29 - $187.14
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A versatile classic hook, plus a powerful chisel & pry bar. Forged of high carbon steel for a serious edge…and a lifetime of destruction.

The right tool to tackle a hundred critical tasks at the fire scene. Leatherhead improves this versatile NY design with all-American quality—using superior materials and precision manufacturing techniques typically reserved for professional-grade hand tools. Depending on the length you choose, a Leatherhead NY-Hook can be all the tool you need to probe ceilings, floors, and walls, pry apart joists, ventilate roofs; quickly pull down drywall, lath, plaster, tin, or sheet metal; break open doors and windows, bust locks and hasps, remove automotive trim or break out windows during extrication operations…and basically get through whatever stands in your way when the heat is on.
  • Versatile NY-spec fire hook, made harder and sharper, to get through more kinds of materials with ease
  • Fully heat-treated 3" 30 degree angled chisel at the foot—penetrates fast, provides a pry bar of exceptional power
  • High carbon steel tool heads are forged and heat treated for unsurpassed hardness and longer life
  • Body made of thick wall carbon steel tube
  • Durable Black or Bright Yellow powder coat finish withstands abrasion, impact, and corrosion
  • 8 lengths from 17” to 10 ft.; choose 2” wide adjustable shoulder strap or cushioned rubber grip sleeve
  • Heat treated to meet or exceed ANSI specifications
  • 100% American Made

Precision forged to do the job—time after time, call after call. The working ends of a Leatherhead Tools NY-Hook are made to endure a lifetime of abuse. Each tool head is one-piece forged of high carbon steel and heat treated for lasting hardness, rigidity, and strength that meets or exceeds ANSI specifications. Then they are precisely machined and finished to present sharper, more defined angles and edges that you can count on to quickly penetrate and grab onto more kinds of materials…without losing its edge. Instead of making heavy one-piece tools with solid steel shafts, or setting the heads on brittle wooden poles, the forged tool heads are deeply set into rigid, hollow steel shafts and permanently welded into place.

An extremely durable powder coat finish—in black or Bright yellow—resists heat, impact, abrasion, and corrosion far better than ordinary paint. Every inch, every ounce, of these professional grade tools was made in the U.S.A. by Leatherhead Tools—to take the heat, punishment, and frantic pace that comes with a fire or rescue scene. Available in eight sizes up to 10 ft. long, with two durable carry options to meet your needs. Choose Black or Bright Yellow.


  • Available lengths: 17 in., 2 ft., 3 ft, 4 ft., 5 ft., 6 ft., 8 ft., and 10 ft.
  • Two Carry Styles for all sizes: Choose insulating foam-rubber grip sleeve, or heavy-duty adjustable carry strap (2” wide with swivel spring clips) and welded ¼” chisel-steel attachment loops
  • Two Powder-Coat Colors: Black or Bright Yellow. Extremely durable finish resists heat, impact, abrasion, and corrosion far better than ordinary paint.
Dimensions: NY-Hook
  • Tool Head Length: 6.5”
  • Tool Head Height: 4.5”
  • Tool Head Width: 1”
  • Tool Foot Chiseled End: approx 3" long, 30 degree angle
  • Overall Length: Same as stated lengths – reflects overall length, including tool heads
Please Note:Special handling fees will added to your cart for tools 4' or greater. This item is excluded from shipping promotions.

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Solid hook


Good enough to pull rock in Georgia



Great all around tool!

Tough versital tool, takes a beating.


Very versatile tool great for overhaul. Also works well as a hoesman's tool (4' w/ strap) or search and rescue tool.

Great tool for ALL operations.


Used this tool in the fire service for years and now using it working for a private hazmat contract company. The Leatherhead NY Hook is priced right, lightweight, and can perform a multitude of tasks. From pulling PCB or Meth contaminated sheet rock to pulling up Asbestos tiles, this tool is a workhorse. Loose the rubber grip or strap if you have to decon this tool following a HazMat incident, a cheap section of webbing will do just as well and can be tossed after. I also recommend some reflective or luminescent tape at the tip to see where you are sticking it for those low light conditions.


"is this in stock and how long does it take to ship"

Hello Michael. It depends on the size and color you want. Add the item to your cart and it will tell you if it is instock. Instock items ship out in 48 hours.

"how much does a 3 foot hook weigh?"

about 5 lbs.

"What is the difference between this and a Griff Hook?"

Hi Joe, the difference that I see is the manufacturers, the ""Griff Hook"" is made by Fire Hooks Unlimited, and is 36"" in length (from previous dealings with this vendor they will usually make this in any length a customer wants, but will be a special order). The Leatherhead tool is what they call their ""NY-Style Hook"" and can come in 17"", 24"" 36"", 48"" up to 10', also choose of yellow or black.

"What is the weight of the 10'?"

They average out to be approx 1 lb. per foot; 10 foot will come in at 10 lbs.

"Is this tool one solid peice of metal? Why should I purchase Leatherheads 6ft Hook over Fire Hooks Unlimited? What is the difference between the two companies hooks besides color and the strap attachment? Is there a weight difference?"

We just did this in your other email

"Is this tool one solid peice of metal? Why should I purchase Leatherheads 6ft Hook over Fire Hooks Unlimited? What is the difference between the two companies hooks besides color and the strap attachment? Is there a weight difference?"

The body is made of thick wall carbon steel TUBE, The choice is up to you, they both are good tools, and they weigh in at about 1pound per foot. You decide your the one that has to use it.

"I carry a 5ft NY Hook from you guys, while prying roof vent on a working fire 2 days ago my hook bent in the lower 3rd of the shaft is it possible to straighten it back or has the strength been compromised?"

Phillip, we don't know what to tell you, 1st Leatherhead tool has a warranty on all of their tools, and they are the ones that have the final say in this. This is their web site leatherheadtools.com, and you can read their warranty. You can try and send them a picture also and see if that will help. If that doesn't work you'll have to send the tool back to them.

"How much does the 6ft hook weigh? One answer read 1lb per foot but another answer said it was 5lbs for the 3 foot hook which is almost double the 1lb / ft."

Mfg. is telling us that this tool weighs about 6 pounds, give or take some oz. so figure about a pound per foot, this is the correct rule of thumb.

"Does this product come with the insulated foam sleeve? If not, what is the part number for the sleeve?"

If you purchase this product with the ""no strap"" option it will come with the foam sleeve. If you purchase it with the ""with strap"" option it does not.

"The Authentic NY Roof Hook is made by Fire Hooks Unlimited. Is Leatherheads hook is a knockoff."

Leatherhead makes their version of this hook a little differently. The material and construction is different make it not a knockoff but a different version of a staple hook.