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Leatherhead Tools Dog-Bone Rubbish Hook, Reflective I-Beam Fiberglass Pole

$92.59 - $127.99
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Stronger, lighter, easier to control, and much more visible. It’s a rubbish hook made to hold onto.

Sharp, sturdy steel hooks. Precision forged by LeatherHead—for the American Firefighter. Sharply pointed two-pronged hardened steel rubbish hooks were designed by active firefighters to provide a fast, firm purchase, maximum linear strength, and plenty of holding power for easier cleanup. They’re securely mounted to Leatherhead Tools’ innovative, DogBone high visibility I-Beam fiberglass poles—creating strong, rigid, uniquely ergonomic tools you can depend on under the worst conditions. The steel heads and solid aluminum D-Handles are permanently bonded to the pole with strong two-part epoxy, plus steel pins, for maximum safety. Every inch, every ounce, of these professional grade rubbish hooks was made in the U.S.A. by Leatherhead Tools—with the American firefighter firmly in mind. 

  • Hardened steel hooks for longer life
  • Sharply pointed for secure purchase
  • I-Beam fiberglass pole provides strength and rigidity with less weight
  • Shaped for a secure grip and superior control
  • Easy to locate in dark, smoky areas
  • 100% American Made

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Advanced I-Beam fiberglass pole for more strength with less weight, unsurpassed visibility, and maximum control.Leatherhead Tools’ advanced I-Beam design offers more strength and durability than wooden poles; substantially less weight than solid round fiberglass poles. The unique DogBone cross-section provides a secure grip and superior control, no matter where it’s held…and lets you orient the tool by feel alone. Plus these tools are made to take years of hard use—important, because they’re difficult to lose. The brilliant fluorescent color can’t wear off; it’s molded into the fiberglass as the handles are pultruded in Leatherhead’s own manufacturing facility in Rockford, Illinois. Highly reflective inlays are bonded into the recessed sides of the pole to make these tools shine under a flashlight beam, even when it’s completely dark. These are tools you can depend on having—and using daily—for years to come. 

Choose Rubbish Hook with D-Handle or Butt handle; with HiViz Lime, HiViz Orange, or Yellow pole. 


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