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Leatherhead Ultra Force Breacher Bar

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Leatherhead Ultra Force Breacher Bar

  • Heavy Duty, Lightweight Halligan Style Pry Bar Designed for Tight Space Entries
  • For Ripping, Prying, Pulling and Lifting during Forcible Entry
  • All Forged with High-Carbon Heat-Treated Steel


When you see drop forged listed on any Leatherhead Tools product it tells you a great deal about the strength and durability of the tool. There are three ways to make a steel tool; forged, casting, or machining. Although all three might be made of metal, there is a huge difference in the drop forged tool.


Leatherhead tools are made of high carbon U.S. mill-length steel using a unique die designed for each tool. Steel is heated, and placed in a die one-half the shape of the tool, and the other half of the die is placed on the contact side of the hammer which is dropped from a significant height onto the die holding the hot steel. This process forces steel throughout the cavities of the die giving the tool a continuous grain flow, finer grain size, and improved microstructure, and it reduces the chance of voids – resulting in greater strength.

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