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LION RedZone Particulate Hood, Black

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RedZone™ Particulate Hood

LION’s RedZone Particulate Blocking Hood protects one of the most vulnerable areas of your body by preventing up to 99.9% of particles from ever touching your face or neck.

Using a 2-layer design with LION exclusive StedAir® PREVENT particulate blocker, RedZone has outstanding breathability, increased air permeability and unique construction for ease of movement and flexibility.

A breathable, ultra-soft hood with StedAir® PREVENT protects the head and neck from particulates, while also providing excellent mobility and unrestricted hearing.

When you arrive on the scene of a fire, your personal protective equipment (PPE) is immediately exposed to a number of toxic chemicals – exposure that can result in serious health problems. That includes cancer, which is currently the leading cause of U.S. firefighter deaths. With that fact in mind, LION has developed RedZone™, their exclusive NFPA 1971 certified contaminant control package.
  • 100% coverage throughout the hood
  • 99.99% efficiency (0.1-1.0 micron)
  • Outside layer of Kermel/Viscose 9 oz. interlock knit
  • Inside layer of LION exclusive StedAir PREVENT particulate blocker
  • 2-layer design for ease of movement and flexibility
  • Durability of material that maintains effectiveness even after 100 washes
  • Universal size that fits all head sizes comfortably

Developed in partnership with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and North Carolina State University’s Textile Protection and Comfort Center, RedZone features five particulate-blocking zones designed to help reduce your exposure to the dangers lurking in fireground smoke, keeping you ready for action.


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