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LoneStar Axe The PIG Forcible Entry Tool, 8 lbs

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THE PIG is 8 pounds of total fire ground domination!

  • Made of S-5 grade tool steel and developed by a firefighter
  • Combines the two working ends of the flat-head and the pick-head axe
  • Choose 26”, 28”, 32” or 36" notched or non-notched (the 32" and 36" versions marry perfectly with the Firehooks 30" Pro-Bar PB-30 see related products below)
  • Length of handle is total length of the tool
  • Perfect for roof ventilations, forcible entry, breaching walls, and breaking locks
  • Note: Does not come with Halligan bar 
THE PIG is an innovative and beautifully simple, fire service tool that was developed by an experienced Austin, Texas firefighter. THE PIG combines the two working ends of the flat-head and the pick-head axe. Ask yourself- How often do firefighters actually use the cutting edge of a fire service axe? Firefighting has evolved and THE PIG has arrived to devour every assignment in its path.
THE PIG is 8 pounds of total fire ground domination! Combining proven attributes of a flat-head and pick-head axe, THE PIG is the most versatile tool on the fire ground. Roof ventilations, forcible entry, saving your own, breaching walls, and breaking locks are just the start of its capabilities. THE PIG can also be used for overhaul, and is great for pulling down drywall, shiplap, lathe and plaster, and trim. THE PIG is the single most capable hand tool on the fire ground. When you arrive on scene, there will be no question what you will reach for… Grab THE PIG!


THE PIG is sure to become the “go-to” tool for roof ventilation.  The flat-head side of the tool easily bashes through roofing material and is unquestionably faster than using the cutting edge of an axe. There is a good chance the hole will be done before the saw gets to the roof.
Use the 4.5″ pick of THE PIG to make indication holes and kerf cuts so you can read smoke conditions below you and to see what type of roof decking you are standing on. The Pig is great for skylight removal. Also, the pick side can be used to provide a foothold on a steep roof.
  • Create gaps between the doorframe and the door during forcible entry
  • Break and punch locks
  • When used along with a Halligan, THE PIG can be used to force metal inward or outward swinging doors
  • Remove burglar bars
  • Breach walls of various types, including brick
  • General Overhaul (Great for pulling down drywall, shiplap, lathe and plaster, and trim)


The PIG forcible entry tool is made of S-5 grade tool steel and may acquire some surface rust. In order to keep your PIG in the best possible shape and looking great, it is recommended to periodically buff the head with a scour pad, steel wool, or wire brush and coat the head of the tool with oil (3n1). WD40 works as well and you can also use carnauba wax to help prevent surface rust.

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Very good tool


Very good tool to have sledge hammer and combo axe in one. Have used it several times and put it to the test so far with all test passed. Only draw back is you have to wipe tool down after use with wd40 or other protecting lube to keep it from rusting

Best Tool Ever!!


Just got through forcing a door with this bad boy. Blew out the entire jam with two swings. So far, it has destroyed everything in its path. I will take the extra maintenance for the performace this thing provides!

Pretty Darn Good


The only problem I've had is the notch. It doesn't hold Halligan Bars very well, and it gets caught in material. I'd give it five stars if I would've bought the no notch. Other than that, it's as described, 8# of fireground domination!

The Pig


Awesome tool. Packs a punch and cuts faster then a chain saw when it is a thin roof. Great truck company tool. Easy to merry halligan with. Company did a great job creating the Pig and I will choose it over a flat head axe any day!



I'm on a truck company and bought the tool as a personal tool. On roof props it does great opening up roofs. I pair it with a wood wedge and us it for forcible entry great. Its baptism was last round on a garage fire. The engine was short staffed and I got put into fire attack, It rocked at opening up the cars inside the garage, no haligan needed. Love my pig!


"what are advantages/disadvantages of the notch and what handle length is best all around?"

Choose 26", 28", 32" or 36"" notched or non-notched fiberglass handle (the 32"" and 36"" versions marry perfectly with the Firehooks 30"" Pro-Bar PB-30 The Notched end allows the forked end of the pro Bar to fit ""more comfortable"", for lack of better words, when they are married up. 99% of the Pro-Bars, or Halligans, the 30"" models and the 32"" axe handle work together the best.

"Can you please post a video that shows how it really is a superior tool? Both videos shown on the site show nothing more than using it as a hammer. Thanks"

We will request it from the manufacturer. Currently, there are no others available.

"How much heat can the handle withstand before it starts to deform?"

Fireman Phil, good question, we think the handle will be able to withstand more heat than a fire fighter, we don't have anything in black and white telling us what this would be, but were sure the FF will be coming out before the handle starts to deform.