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Majestic HALO Particle Filter Hood



Durable, moisture wicking, and resistant to heat and dangerous particulates, the NFPA 1971-certified HALO Particle Filter Hood is excellent for structural firefighting.

The durable, moisture-wicking Majestic HALO Particle Filter Hood is UL-Certified to the current NFPA 1971 standard and designed to resist heat while filtering and blocking harmful particulates in all structural firefighting scenarios. Its innovative 3-ply protection is comprised of the following three layers:
  • an outer layer that offers breathable, heat-stifling protection
  • a HALO layer that prevents damaging particulates from reaching vulnerable skin
  • an inner layer designed to regulate and control internal temperatures in order to achieve maximum comfort
After rigorous testing, these fabric layers have proven to be an effective defense against 96.6% of all particulates at the smallest particle size (.3 microns). Its state-of-the-art HALO particle filter fabric is strategically situated on the head in order to protect high-exposure areas that are not covered by the SCBA facepiece, helmet, or coat collar. Additionally, the fabric helps to control pungent, smoke-related odors on the skin immediately following fireground exposures.

The HALO hood is color-blocked to indicate the placement of the HALO particle filter fabric. The grey areas feature the fabric; the black areas are comprised of Ultra C6 Fabric. The hood offers simple, efficient donning and doffing with only one movement needed. The sturdy HALO fabric layers can withstand repeated washing and drying, as opposed to laminated fabrics that break down over time after multiple cleanings. Its wicking base layer extends moisture across the entire fabric in order to augment its drying rate.

Download the Majestic Hood Warning and User Information Guide.

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Worth every penny


If this hood does what the manufacturer claims to accomplish, it's worth it. I noticed the size being too big. once you wash it, the fit is better.

Can't put a price on life safety


I bought the Majestic Halo Hood because Majestic is a brand I stand behind. They have excellent craftsmanship with safety as the main goal in mind. For such a new product I was weary at first, but when I got the hood, I felt it was worth every cent. The hood has grey panels in stetegic locations to provide an added layer of protection that filter out cancer causing toxins. I would highly recommend this product to anyone aggressive interior firefighter that wants to protect themselves above the other products out there.

decent hood


The hood is well made, however the sizing is way off. When you put it on for the first time the hood feels huge. Also, the sides of the hood that cover your ears having stiffer fabric that makes it ""poof out"" and stick way off your face. I showed this hood to 5 different people when I got it and they all said the same thing; ""that is the most ridicules hood I've ever seen"". The idea behind this hood is great, however the proper execution of the idea is still a little elusive in my opinion. Over all, it's not a bad hood and I plan on keeping it and giving it some use to see how it works out.

Purchased it about a 1 year ago


I have been using this hood for approximately 1 year now. The hood at first is stiff, just like new bunker gear. And the openings are snug to get your head through, just like a regular new hood. And just like new bunker gear and new hoods, once they are broken in they feel great. If this hood does what it says it does, why not purchase this hood or one similar.


"What is the TPP of this hood?"

We are going to send you a copy of spec's, we don't see a TPP shown on the spec sheet