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National Foam Knockdown Class A Foam, 55 Gallon Drum

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Fluorine Free Formulation

Environmentally responsible Knockdown®, Class A foam concentrate, is a unique new formulation providing unmatched firefighting performance and flexibility. Knockdown is specially designed for use in Class A/B foam systems and is excellent for Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS). This environmentally responsible formulation does not contain reportable components under SARA Title III, Section 313 of 40 CFR-372, or CERCLA.

Knockdown works in two ways. First, it improves the penetrating capability of water. It reduces the surface tension of plain water which allows it to penetrate surfaces where water might normally run off, to reach deep-seated fires. This helps reduce the amount of water required to extinguish the fire and also provides quicker knockdown.

Secondly, Knockdown increases the heat absorbing capabilites of water. Foaming ingredients give water the ability to adhere to vertical surfaces which allows the water longer contact with the fuel. The longer the water is in contact with the fuel, the more heat it is able to absorb. A coating of Class A foam may also be used for exposure protection to prevent fuels from igniting by raising their moisture content and providing a tough protective barrier to an oncoming flame front.  
  • Meets USDA Forest Service Requirement per Specification 5100-307
  • Environmentally responsible formulation
  • U.L. Listed as a Wetting Agent, at substantially lower usage rates than most Wetting Agents
  • Premix is stable for more than 30 days (using potable water), which is significantly longer than traditional Class A foam solutions.
  • Emulsifies Class B Hydrocarbon fuels
  • Contains NO alcohols for higher flash point and compatibility with Class A/B Systems
  • Can be used with fresh, brackish and sea water, plus exhibits good foamability, even in cold water
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Storage and Handling
Knockdown should be stored in its original shipping container or in tanks or other containers which have been designed for such foam storage. Recommended construction materials are stainless steel (Type 304L or 316), high density cross-linked polyethylene, or reinforced fi berglass polyester (isophthalic polyester resin) with a vinyl ester resin internal layer coating (50 -100 mils).

Click for Data Sheet: NFC700-Knockdown.pdf

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