NoSweat Disposable Hat & Helmet Liner



NoSweat®Industrial and Medical Helmet & Hat Liner

NoSweat® is a disposable Liner / Sweat Absorber that sticks on the inside of ANY helmet, hat, cap or LID and soaks up sweat so you do NOT have sweat dripping down onto your face and into your eyes, glasses, mask, or goggles. NoSweat also helps reduce FOGGING in masks, goggles and other eyewear.

NoSweat fits ANY type of LID and helps improve comfort, safety and hygiene. The product is great for any activity or occupation where you sweat and wear some type of LID.

Including but not limited to:

  • Shooting, Hunting & Outdoor Activities
  • Public Service: Police, SWAT, Fire, Tactical, Military
  • Medical: EMS, Surgery, Hygiene / Acne
  • Industrial Hard Hats & Food Preparation
  • Fitness / Training

NoSweat’s patented design and Dri-LID™ technology is engineered to absorb forehead sweat and clear your line of vision. NoSweat's No Scent™ technology helps eliminate human odor as well as food, smoke and gas odors. The breathable product is this, soft, and lightweight. It is made of hypoallergenic materials that helps reduce acne and skin irritation. NoSweat helps prevent nasty Sweat Stains and keeps your LID Cleaner, Fresher, Longer.

  • Keeps sweat out of your eyes & glasses
  • Reduces FOGGING in glasses, masks and eye protection.
  • Prevents NASTY Sweat Stains on your LID
  • No Scent™ Technology -- Reduces Odor
  • Patented universal design -- Sticks inside the front and/or back of any LID
  • Comfortable -- Thin, soft, and lightweight.
  • Hypoallergenic -- Helps prevent acne & skin irritation
How it Works
  • PEEL - Label covering adhesive
  • PLACE - Inside LID at desired position using adjustable V-SLITS
  • STICK - Firmly press along the edges and main area of NoSweat
  • REPLACE - Before next activity or as needed. NoSweat is typically replaced after an activity or when it becomes fully saturated.

Must be applied to a clean, dry surface. Test NoSweat's adhesive inside your LID prior to use to ensure the adhesive will not damage your interior liner.

OSHA & ANSI Compliant: NoSweat Liners are designed to be compatible with hats, caps, helmets, protective headwear and hard-hats protective properties.

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WOW! Game Changer!


Use it everytime I put on a hat! Works great for the fire helmet as well! The amount of sweat it holds is remarkable. MUST BUY