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Nomex Chinstrap For Cairns Composite Helmets

SKU: W-C920//Mixed Availability


Replacement chinstrap for all Cairns composite helmets including the 1000, 1010, 1044, 660, 660C, 664, 660, Phoenix, 970, 990, 770 and the old style 880 and 881 helmets.

  • Nomex strap with Quick Release only
    • 1000, 1010, 1044, 660, 660C, 664, 660, Phoenix, 970, 990, 770, 880, and 881
  • Nomex strap with Quick Release Buckle & Postman's Slide Fastener
    • 1000, 1010, 1044, 660, 660C, 664, 660, Phoenix, 970, 990, 770 and the old style 880 and 881 helmets

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""Aftermarket part, not from cairns""


This product did not fit a 1010 helmet and was sent directly to MSA for quality control. MSA reported that the strap did not come from them.


"looking for a longer shin strap than the standard length. i have a cairns helmet"

Have you looked at the Milwaukee chin strap, I think it's a little longer? P/N CS911

"The original chin strap on a Cairns 1010 helmet is sewed in place. How does this strap install?"

I see your e mail address is with your question, I'm going to forward you instructions, total of 8 pages not all of the pages are for you, but it's best I send them together instead of pulling pages out.

"I would also be interested in the instructions for installing the chinstrap in a Cairns 1010 helmet."

Bob, we are sending you 3 pages of instructions in a separate e mail as soon as we send this, keep an eye out for that.

"Need instructions on how to install in Cairns 1010 please"

Dan I just sent you a copy of instructions for installing a chin strap on your 1010 helmet, it's in a separate e mail and is 3 pages long.

"I bought the replacement chin strap for my Cairns 1010 fire helmet. installed it, but it is way to long. Unless I installed it wrong, there is not enough adjustment. I know its not rocket science to adjust."

Hi Mike, were not sure what you mean that it's way to long? Are you telling us that after you have your helmet on and the chin strap is in place it's not on your chin, or are you telling us you have extra hanging down? if it's the extra hanging part isn't there some velcro that you can hook the extra to so that it's not hanging? We have your e mail address, we'll send you an instruction sheet for installing the chin strap in a separate e mail, see if that is of any help.

"I am looking to replace my chin strap on my 1010 with defender shield. is this the correct item. Per MSA web site it is part # c893c Thanks"

Lou, that will work or you can use a C922, that should work also,.

"I am looking for instructions on how to install this on my 1010"

Lou we will send you a separate e mail with an attachment

"Just ordered this for the 660R hat. Do you have instructions in how to install? If so Please send me the instructions. If this works we plan to possibly replace on more helmets since the quick release have been breaking on the old helmets."

TJ, sent you a copy in a different e mail

"I have a Cairns 770 Helmet and need to replace the Chin Strap. Do I need the whole replacement or just the side where it feeds into the quick release? I have the strap on the (passenger) postman's side but need to replace the left (Driver Side) Thank You"

You want P/N C922 it's the replacement chin strap, complete ready to be installed.

"Can I get a copy of the installation instructions please?"

Check your e mail, sent you a copy, 8 pages long

"I also need the instructions on how to replace the 1010 chin strap."

Captain, we will send it to you in a different email shorty, it will be 8 pages long.

"Could I get the instructions for replacement on a Cairns 1044 Thanks"

we will send to you in a separate e mail,