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Old Fire Hat Replica w/ High Eagle & Front and Adjustable Suspension

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A replica of the Original Fire Chief helmet first introduced by Texaco in 1964, this helmet features classic lines, a proud American Eagle and a traditional shield as shown on photo. It is available in 3 colors and features a fully adjustable suspension system. Also features a D-Ring for easy hang-up storage!

This is a full size helmet constructed of durable plastic. It can be worn for parades or play by young and old alike!

Made in the U.S.A.

Also check out our great selection of decals to compliment your new helmet!

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I am happy with the product


Lite weight and looks.good.



We used this helmet for our wedding and did a great job. our little nephew loved it.

Fire scene


I'm a retired firefighter and I purchased several of these helmets for a Halloween project last year and they worked out great. The black helmets were ouside in the weather for several weeks without any apparent damage boxed them up for next year and plan on purchasing more to expand the setup. A little expensive but the others I looked out would not have lasted as is said you get what you pay for.


"Hi, I had a few simple questions concerning this item. First, how big is the helmet? Second, what is it made of?(ex: metal) Last but not least,would it be possible to carve something at the back of the helmet? Finally, what are the fees for shipping to quebec,CA?"

Audrey, the helmet is OAL(over all length)15"", OAH (to the top of the Eagle) 7.5"", this is made of a thin plastic, very lightweight, if it were up to me I wouldn't attempt to do any craving, I'm afraid it would crack or break. What I would suggest is to go to a stationery store and get yourself some stick on letters/numbers, and shipping to Quebec would be $19.99 US dollars. Hope i have answered your questions,

"What size is it? what is it made of? Is there anyway that the shield can be customized?"

We'll, as for the material, it's a hard durable plastic that has the colorant mixed in, not painted. It's durable but not brittle. The front can be customized, what would you like to see on there in place of the standard fronts? You have the option to peel the decals off the front and add your own that way you are sure to get what you want, if we do it you might not like the end product, and since it's a custom made it's non-returnable.

"HI my name is Ryan. Yes I have a question about the Presentation helmet for $26, yes what kind of plastic is it made of and is it an actual firefighter size helmet or is it a mini helmet. Also what is the eagle head made of? Thank you."

Ryan, First lets clear something up this is not what I would call a presentation helmet, this helmet is made of a heavy plastic or poly, mold injection, with an adjustable suspension system, much like you would see in a child's toy. It is indeed the size of a actual helmet, but the eagle on the top is taller. You will find presentation helmets shown on our web site below where you found this item, as a G5A New Yorker and a 64 Comb Leather at a much higher price helmets.

"what size is the helmet?"

Junior, This is a full size helmet constructed of durable plastic. It can be worn for parades or play by young and old alike, and features a fully adjustable suspension system.

"I am a civil war reenactor and am looking for a helmet I could use in my impression of a typical 1860's Firefighter. Do you think this lid would fit the bill? Can the front be changed out?"

This is a full size helmet constructed of durable plastic. It can be worn for parades or play by young and old alike! The key word here is that it is made out of plastic, and the front is attached to the helmet not made to be removed, Do I think you can do this, lot depends on you, me I wouldn't do it, my thoughts only. It's your call.

"I'm an adult and in need a replica Fire Helmet and wear a 7 1/4 will this fit me?"

this should fit,it has a fully adjustable suspension system according to their specs.

"Is the front blank? I want to add my own custom logo."

Hi Gunny, sorry they have a ""sticker"" attached to the front and if you try to remove it it will tear as your pulling it off.

"Can I get this Helmet in Pink?"

This helmet only comes in black, white or red.

"Can spare parts be order for this product?"

We do not offer spare parts for these play helmets.