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PacMule 18in. Ladder Hook Extension



Steel self-locking hooks and ANSI Type II nylon lanyard make this fast-action extension secure on a ladder or ideal for a fast escape.

When you need a solid attachment or a little more room to move—this versatile 18” ladder hook/escape belt extension is fast, strong, and totally secure. The large, no-nonsense steel ladder hook has a ¼-turn safety lock that can be opened in a second, even with gloves on, and re-locks itself even faster, as soon as you let it go. Its unique shape and wide 2” gate opening makes it large enough for virtually any ladder rung or bucket attachment. At the other end, an extra-strong double-locking carabiner requires a gentle, but purposeful squeeze on both sides to unlock, then it can be easily snapped over any D-ring or hook up to ½” in diameter. Then it locks securely until you decide to unlock it. They’re both permanently attached to a heavy-duty 8” ANSI Type II high-visibility yellow nylon lanyard to provide a full 18” extension to your ladder hook, bailout rig, or anything else that can requires a secure attachment and a little room to move.
  • Full 18” extension length gives you more room to move and work when secured
  • Large self-locking ladder/scaffold hook with 2” gate opening snaps securely onto a ladder or other anchor point—fast!
  • Easy to operate, even with gloves.
  • Double locking steel carabiner opens only when squeezed at both sides, attaches instantly to a D-ring on your ladder belt or rescue harness
  • Durable, fast-action design lets you use this versatile double-locking extension hook almost anywhere you need a secure attachment
  • Meets or exceed NFPA specifications, and all OSHA & ANSI A10.14 requirements

Fire Fighter safety from PacMule. It started with the Ultimate Hands-Free Ladder Belt.  Developed by a small group of veteran Illinois Firefighters who felt they could add more utility to basic Truckman’s and ladder belts, the Pac Mule Truckman’s belt made it easier and more comfortable to carry axes and other large, heavy tools. They added a super strong lanyard and scaffold hook to meet NFPA specifications for a ladder, Emergency Escape Belt. The PacMule Ultra Quick Release Ladder Belt is winning converts all across the country for its exceptional combination of utility, security, and comfort.

Exceeds NFPA standards for Ladder/Escape belts

  • Provides a secure 18” extension for attachment to ladders or other safety devices
  • All steel hardware and heavy duty construction throughout
  • Quick-release, self-locking steel ladder hook carabiner with 2” gate opening, goes on in an instant, and locks securely until you decide to release it
  • 8” heavy-duty ANSI Type II nylon lanyard is permanently attached to both carabiners
  • Both carabiners designed for easy operation when wearing gloves
  • Quick-release steel ladder hook and high-strength carabiner permanently attached to webbing for added ladder safety
  • Heavy-duty nylon lanyard is permanently attached to both hooks in compliance with NFPA standards for Ladder Belts
  • ANSI Type II lanyard
  • Hi-visibility yellow webbing makes this accessory easy to locate
  • Meets all OSHA & ANSI A10.14 requirements
  • Constructed to meet or exceed NFPA specifications

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"Is the 18"" spec. the length of the nylon webbing, or is the 18"" from one end of the carabiner to the end of the other carabiner?"

Adam, the overall length is 20 3/8"" long end to end