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PacMule Ultra Quick Release Truckmans Belt

$165.59 - $168.59
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More comfortable, more versatile, and potentially lifesaving. The Ultimate Truckman’s Belt was designed by Firefighters to do more.

The ultimate hands-free truckman’s belt was developed by a small group of veteran Illinois Firefighters who thought they could add more utility to a basic truckman’s tool belt. They didn’t stop with utility. The PacMule does it all…and does it well.

More Comfort. This lightweight belt integrates 4” wide Coolmax-lined back padding against the 1-1/2” nylon webbing that actually carries the load. The full-length waist pad not only provides wrap-around support, it puts a layer of extra cushioning between the belt and your body, comfortably spreading the load, and protecting you—and your turnout coat—from cutting or abrasion by the belt and the tools it’s designed to carry. Plus it helps keep your SCBA from hitting your spine.

  • Versatile, comfortable, more effective design carries tools comfortably, keeps them from slipping or tangling
  • 6,000 lb. rated webbing and front-mounted forged bailout ring made for ladder hook or escape line—PacMule Ultra exceeds NFPA specifications for escape belts.
  • D-rings and bailout ring fold flat against the belt and are held up and out of the way when not being used
  • Full-length 4" wide Cool-Max waist pad provides an extra layer of wrap-around comfort and protection between the belt’s webbing, sharp tools, and your valuable PPE
  • Quick-release fastener is designed for fast donning and doffing, even with gloves
  • Belts are color-coded by size for quick, sure selection and improved safety

More Utility. The PacMule Ultra is designed to carry tools and equipment in any situation without slipping or tangling. The patented drop-down D-rings are suspended from the supporting webbing, and attached horizontally at the lower edge of the belt. The unique design keeps an axe or Halligan suspended from the D-ring in a stable position that minimizes swinging and holds the tool’s head against the cushioning belt. When not being used, the D-rings fold flat against the belt and are held up, and out of the way, by snaps. Two additional carabineer slots in back let you attach additional equipment or tag lines.

More Speed. The quick-release fastener is designed to be snapped on or opened in a hurry, even with gloves on. Then the friction buckle lets you adjust the belt’s size to fit comfortably and securely over your turnout gear, with a quick pull.

More Safety Options. With its 6,000 lb. rated webbing and forged bailout ring, the PacMule Ultra exceeds NFPA specifications for escape belts. The specially shaped front-mounted bailout ring provides a secure, fast-access attachment point for a ladder strap or bailout line, as well as tag and search lines. Like the side D-rings, it folds out of the way and is held flat against the belt by a snap when not in use.

More Lifesaving Visibility—with new colors to simplify sizing and speed selection. The Pac Mule’s belt’s wide, high-strength webbing now comes in colors that signify the size of the belt, making it extremely easy to recognize and select the size that fits. No more trying to find and read labels. Just find your color and put it on: Black = Medium, Blue = Large, Yellow = X-Large, Red = XX-Large. The color coded webbing is securely stitched to the 4” wide belt padding and surrounded by highly reflective, flame-resistant, 3M Scotchlite material to help make you more visible under all conditions. Plus it makes the belt and its attachment points easy to locate in a drag and rescue situation.

Exceeds NFPA standards for Escape belts.

  • Built on the comfortable, more effective Pac Mule Truckman’s Belt
  • Provides permanent fall protection that a simple tool belt simply can’t
  • Heavy duty hardware and construction throughout
  • 1-1/2” Belt webbing rated at 6,000 lb., brightly colored for visibility
  • 3M Scotchlight® reflective material on front of padding provides high visibility in any light
  • Allows for hands-on ladder climbing with tools secured
  • Convenient quick tag and search line attachment
  • 4" wide Cool-Max waist pad provides an extra layer of wrap-around comfort and protection between the belt’s webbing, sharp tools, and your valuable PPE
  • Equally distributes weight of equipment
  • 3”-wide D-rings and bailout ring fold up and snap out of the way when not in use
  • PacMule Belts are constructed to meet or exceed NFPA specifications
  • Belts are color-coded by size for quick, sure selection and improved safety
Waist Sizes Available: Medium (Black) 28”–33”; Large (Blue) 34"–40", X-Large (Yellow) 42">–50", XX-Large (Red) 52"

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Great life saving product


item just as described --- super fast shipping

Good but could be more comfortable


The product overall works good however it makes your bunker gear suspenders dig into your hips if you have the ones with buttons.


"would the large size (34-40) fit a guy with a jean size of a 30? or is there a smaller size of belts that are not listed?"

This large size should be the size for you, your going to wear this over your turn out coat, with both pants and coat on this will be the belt of choice

"would the large size (34-40) fit a guy with a jean size of a 30? or is there a smaller size of belts that are not listed?"

you would need a large. Add 6 inches to your waist size and that gives you the size of belt you would need to buy. your 30 plus 6 = 36 inch belt size

"It says that the waist size is based on your actual waist size so if I am 38 should I order a large or should I order an extra large and have extra length."

Eddie, if it were me I would put my coat on and measure my waist and see where that takes me size wise. You want the belt to be snug on you so as to have it falling or it being to tight. That's where I would start with this.

"If I ordered the XL and my waist isn't a 42"" will this fit or slide down, I selected the wrong size."

Eddie, what are you asking, did you order a XL and you should have ordered a L? If this is the case why are you asking if it will slide down? Here's a thought you are a size 40 waist, now put your bunker gear on, pants and coat, do you still think your a 40 waist now, if you were to ordered a large I'll bet it would very tight, if it would even fit at all; all were are saying here is that you have to allow for your gear, if you think the XL will be to big than return it, as long as you haven't damaged it or it looks like it's been used. There should be blue paper work that came with your order, follow the directions and send it back. As far as sliding down we can't answer that.

"I am a aerial photographer and on occasion shoot from helicopters with the door off - I use a harness but need to find a quick release belt like your Pa ule Ultra Quick release - but my only problem is that i need a ring at the center of the back of the belt and not the side. Can i order one configured this way? - This is a real need for type of work -"

Hi, we don't think this is the style of belt you should be looking at, we would try a ""Gemtor"" harness. They are the manufacturers that make the FDNY (New York City FD) harness. Look at their web page gentor.com under the harness and belts section and see if you find something there that will work for you.

"Thanks for responding to my question about the Pa ule - I checked out your recommendation at Gemtor - unfortunately this will not work. Your Pa ule appears to be a good fit for the use I am looking for (would have extras I would not need) I just need a D-ring at the center of the back. When photographing from Helicopters we are usually sitting in the seat sideways or sitting on the floor facing out the door. We need to be tethered for obvious safety reason but unfortunately most harnesses do not have a quick release - (in recent times - two separate crashes resulted in death of only the photographer - the only occupant tethered to the helio) Thank you for your time Benton"

Pac-Muledo not offer a D-Ring in the back, we also offer another vendor that we would like you to look at their web site is yatesgear.com take a look at this vendor site