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Pelican 1460 EMS Case with 3-Level Tray System

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Secure. Fast. Built to last. And designed to get you organized.

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Take your old plastic “tackle box” fishing. This is the only hard case tough enough for the job you do.
The most important difference is durability. Other “hard” cases may last an average of 2 years. The new Pelican 1460 has a super tough outer shell that’s guaranteed by Pelican to last a lifetime. This isn’t just a plastic carrying case with trays; it’s a Pelican case. And it’s made with the same super tough materials, the same engineering, and many of the same features that make Pelican Protective Cases the most trusted choice to provide total protection for sensitive electronic equipment, cameras, weapons, or any of the critical tools and gear that people depend on most.
  • Designed in conjunction with Fire department and EMS personnel
  • Unbreakable, O-ring-sealed polypropylene body is watertight, dustproof, sterilizable, and guaranteed forever
  • Highly durable 3-level tray system is fully customizable to keep your gear organized and immediately at hand
  • Lockable compartment on each tray for secure storage of controlled substances
  • Lid opens 180 degrees to form a wide base; ensures stability when case is in use
  • Handles on top and each side, plus a sturdy nylon shoulder strap make it easy to carry, easy to grab.
  • Choose Black or Orange

Specifically engineered for Emergency Medical Services of all kinds. Designed to be configured for you. Like many Pelican Cases, this one is engineered for a specific application. It’s loaded with special features—not only to thoroughly protect your gear, but to make your job easier, safer, and more efficient—to accommodate the way you prefer to work and the kind of work you do.

A hard case. For the hardest cases.

  • To ensure stability, the case lid opens 180 degrees to form a secure, wide base when in use.
  • Highly durable 3-level tray system; trays from made from ABS plastic are resilient and easy to clean
  • Configurable dividers make each tray fully customizable to keep your critical gear, neat, organized and immediately at hand
  • Spill protection for tray contents—specially designed interior ribbing on the top lid tightly covers the top tray to protect contents when the case is tipped or dropped. Lower trays are covered and protected by the upper trays. Even small supplies like scalpel blades and sutures will stay right where you put them…ready for immediate use.
  • A lockable compartment on each tray provides secure storage for controlled substances or potentially dangerous supplies. As required by law, controlled substances have to be locked; this feature enables the user to lock only the controlled substances and not the whole case
  • Reinforced stainless steel tray arms keep the system aligned and moving freely through many years of daily use
  • The entire tray systemlifts out of the case on its reinforced stainless steel brackets for easier cleaning and organization
  • Double-throw latches made from impact resistant EXL plastichave been tested to withstand nearly 400 pounds of pressure—but open with a light, two-step pull.
  • Sturdy, unbreakable hinges are guaranteed for life, along with the rest of the outer shell
  • The 1460 is rated IP66 — a durable O-ring seal ensures the case is dustproof and highly water resistant to thoroughly protect the contents.
  • An integrated automatic pressure equalization valve keeps moisture out, yet prevents vacuum lock, ensuring the case can be easily opened at any altitude.
  • Extremely tough wide-grip rubber over-molded handles on the sides and top of the case provide a secure comfortable grip under all conditions
  • Shoulder strap ensures portability; leaves your hands free in emergency situations.
  • A strap and mounting bracket let you attach almost any size sharps container to the exterior of the case (Sharps containers sold separately).
  • Top lid opens up to 180 degrees giving the case important on-the-field anti-roll stability when open
  • Virtually unbreakable polypropylene body enables easy case and tray cleansing and sterilization
  • Unlike soft bags currently on the market the Pelican 1460 Case protects sensitive drugs and vials from breakage
  • No decontamination and no messy zippers typically associated with soft bags
  • Pelican’s lifetime guarantee supports the case forever (most hard cases on the market come with no warranty whatsoever). Tray system is not covered by lifetime warranty

Lockable compartment
for controlled substances

Adjustable tray dividers
allow for easy customization

Like all Pelican Protector Cases, it's watertight, dustproof, chemical resistant, and corrosion proof. The completely detachable lid provides full access. Stackable design optimizes warehouse space. Ultra High Impact structural copolymer makes this roomy case extremely strong and durable. Sturdy double-throw latches provide easy access and a secure seal, made watertight by a 1/4" (6.4 mm) neoprene o-ring in the lid. Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve prevents vacuum lock from pressure changes, while a humidity gauge alerts you when moisture inside the case is approaching critical levels. You can rest easy—or work hard—knowing that your equipment has total protection from impact, vibration, moisture, and shock.

Available in Orange or Black

Stainless Steel hinge pins with heavy duty Deflector Ribs.
O-Ring Seal ensures a watertight case.


Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve prevents vacuum lock from pressure changes.
Stainless steel pins prevent padlocks from scratching the case.
Easy open Double Throw latches for quick access and a secure lid seal.

  • Exterior: 20.85” x 12.73” x 12.75” (52.9 x 32.3 x 32.4 cm)
  • Interior: 18.54” x 9.92” x 10.92” (47.1 x 25.2 x 27.7 cm)

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