Phenix Technology ID Bracket w/Screws



This bracket is needed when attaching a 6" or taller shield to any Phenix helmet.

(4) Screws
(2) Plastic Nuts
(2) Plastic Bolts
(1) Bracket
(1) Addhesive Strip

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"Does this come with the four screws to hold the leather Front on, or do you sell the screws separately. Thanks Robert"

Robert, according to their web site (Phenix) everything should come with the package, it also lists the option of sending your helmet back to them and they will install this on your helmet.

"Will this work with a cairns 360 structural?"

This will be your call, we don't recommend that you do this, it is on you; ID bracket is molded to fit our Phenix First Due series helmets. This bracket is needed when attaching a 4__"" or 6"" ID shield. It is best to have our team install it, but the part comes with instructions for installing it in the field.

"What size screws hold the shield in place? These screws should fit in the four holes on the corners of the ID bracket."

Tom do you have the bracket, you should be able to size the screws you need that way. If you don't have the bracket, then you need to purchase one, and go from there.

"Does this product include a set of four screws for attaching a helmet shield to the bracket?"

This comes with two screws to attach it to the helmet. It does not come with the screws to attach the shield to the bracket.

"Does this helmet come with a chinstrap?"

This product is just the ID bracket and screws that can be used on any Phenix helmets. If you go to our Helmets page and select Phenix you will be able to look into each helmet specifically to see what components come with each one.