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Pro Warrington 5006 Ultimate Power 14" Bunker Boot, NFPA

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Comfort and technology, optimized. See why hundreds of thousands of firefighters have made this the No. 1 Structural Fire Boot in America.

  • So streamlined, so lightweight, so comfortable it makes you feel like an athlete…as you work like a PRO
  • Hard working, sleek looking, performance-driven design; patented features provide advanced protection
  • Patented PowerToe™ & PowerHeel™ Cover provide 3x the wear life and protect the heel from abusive doffing.
  • Reflective wraparound welt and reflective ridges on the PowerHeel™ are truly visible—not covered by bunker pants.
  • Fire and Ice Vibram® PowerSole™ welted lug sole gives more traction under almost any conditions; replaceable for longer life
  • Berry Amendment compliant; Union Made in the USA
The PRO 5006 gives you more:
  • More support. The 5006 includes a removable Cambrelle® or PRO-V liner insert. So you can substitute your own custom orthotics, upgrade to a PowerDryZ™ insert or just leave it out for the same great fit of all PRO boots. Now you can choose the comfort level you desire.
  • More visibility. The reflective wraparound welt is truly visible—not covered by bunker pants. And the new PowerHeel™ not only increases durability, it’s reflective too.
  • More traction. The Fire and Ice Vibram® PowerSole™ lug sole gives more traction under almost any conditions. You’ll experience improvements in diagonal and lateral movement control, ladder control, and acceleration. You get the highest performance over the longest time, with less stress. And because of the softer compound, you’ll enjoy more security on ice and snow.<
  • More protection. All leather PowerVamp and 7.5 oz Kevlar® felt thermal barrier combine to stabilize temperatures inside the boot, and add unsurpassed lightweight puncture resistance to the entire foot area. Stays comfortable for hours with no heat transfer from steel toes, plate, or shank.
  • Vibram® Fire & Ice PowerSole.: Angled lugs provide substantial edging and gripping capabilities. Center medallion of stars surrounded by lug pattern provides maximum wear and traction.
  • Reflective PowerHeel™ PRO took the PowerToe a step further by adding the same rugged, patented, wear-resistant design to the heel area to optimize stability and durability. Reflective ridges put startling visibility where it could possibly save your life.
  • Comfort PowerLining™ - Provides high abrasion and tear resistance, with antibacterial properties that keep your boots dry and your feet healthy.
  • Patented PowerBack™ - Eliminates extra weight. Unique design provides comfort for large calves.
  • Patented PowerHeel™ Cover...protects heel area from abusive doffing of boots. Adds durability and wear life to your footwear. Extended horizontal guards are FR rubber and reflective.
  • Patented PowerToe™ Cover...Resists toe abrasion and provides unparalled wear over the lifetime of the boots. No more worn out toes. Three horizontal FR rubber guards take the abuse and protect boots from day to day activities that abrade and wear out all others.
  • Oblique Toe Safety Cap...Shaped like the human foot. The oblique design provides for additional room in the height and width of our uniquely shaped toe cap. You’ll barely know you are wearing steel toed boots.
  • Goodyear Welt Construction...Adds support, reduces fatigue and protects against sprains and strains. Welted boots mold to your feet so the longer you wear them, the more comfortable they become. They’re flexible, extremely strong, highly insulating...and easily re-soleable if the need arises. Wraparound welt is reflective.
  • Premium Full Grain Military AB Leather insulates and adds abrasion and puncture resistant properties to the foot area of the boots. Water and chemical resistant and protects the internal bootie system.
  • Advance™ Rip Stop Fabric – Reduces weight and fatigue while increasing breathability and fireground performance.
  • PRO-V Liner. An unbeatable combination of comfort, absorbency, and high abrasion resistance. Quilted to 7.5 oz Kevlar® felt thermal barrier and laminated to “fully encapsulating” Crosstech® Footwear Fabric bootie for superior protection.
  • Crosstech® Moisture Barrier provides superior liquid penetration resistance to blood, body fluids and NFPA tested common chemicals.
  • Advanced Bootie Construction. Exclusive bootie package quilts a 7.5 oz Kevlar® thermal barrier to the boot liner and laminates it to the Crosstech® Fabric MoistureBarrier preventing moisture accumulation and wicking. Only PRO boot products have this exclusive bootie composite package.
  • Puncture Barrier…Soft thermo resin combines with an Advance® Rip Stop outer shell to provide superior impact protection against side punctures. It’s flexible, extremely resilient to wear-and-tear, and completely breathable.
  • Heel Counter...Molded thermoplastic heel counter locks your foot into the boot and anchors it in place. Cradles the heel and reduces over-pronation, keeping you more stable on your feet.
  • Vibram® Fire/Ice PowerSole™...Angled lugs provide substantial edging and gripping capabilities. Center medallion of stars surrounded by lug pattern provides maximum wear and traction.
  • External Texon Board Shinguard...Protects and guards sensitive shin area of legs. Covered with Military AB leather for additional protection.

Please call Customer Care 1 (800) 852-6088 for custom sizes.

Corrosion Resistant Steel Ladder Shank and Stainless Steel, Full Length, Toe-to-Heel

Puncture Resistant Bottom Plate...The strongest protection available against structural hazards.

Pull Straps...Heavy duty 3/4” reinforced straps mounted to the exterior of boot and anchored with a 2” x 1½” shield-shaped base.

Barcoded – Advanced Protective Tracking (APT)
Barcoding. Code 128 symbology incorporating a unique serial number. Symbology information will also appear in written text in the English language. Barcoding will appear in the right boot of each pair and is APT program compliant

Union Made in the U.S.A.

Certified to meet or exceed NFPA 1971, 2007 Edition for Structural Firefighting Protective Ensembles


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Do your feet a favor and spend the extra money and BUY THESE BOOTS! You absolutely will not regret it.

Best Boots Ever Owned !


Great boots ! A little on the expensive side but well worth it . I had a pair of Globe boots before these and they got soft on me , felt like all the support was gone .So I decided to give these a try after reading good reviews . Very well designed and sturdy.Love the notch in the calf area especially when kneeling or squatting .

I will buy this boot again and again!!


This boot by far blows the rubbers out of the water and is more comfortable and durable than any other leather boots I have worn. I will continue to buy this same pair of boots as mine need replaced.

Fantastic boots


Best boots ever, worth the money

Best boots!!


Great boot right out of the box. Took a shift or two to break in for me. Easy to be in them for long periods of time.

Great boot. Durable.


True to size. I ordered the same size I wear in redback boots...maybe could have gone a half size up for a little more room. Super comfortable boot. Worn on many EMS runs and Structure fire calls. Great for down here in FL.

Best Boots


Hands down the best structural boots I've worn, wish we had these at work and not globe. With the back being lower than the front of the boot you have great range of motion without feeling restricted. I would suggest getting a half size larger than what you normally wear.

I should have gotten these ten years ago


I always bagged on the guys that spent their own money on tools or PPE that we are just going to wear out. That was until I was on the first due truck at commercial fire in town that left me up working for over 18 hours in rubbers. My feet were wrecked for days afterward, and I decided right then that I would never let that happen again. I talked to a few guys around here that have leathers, and these never had a bad review. I went out on a limb and bought them despite the price and immediately wished that I had done this a decade ago. I ordered the same size that I wear in warrington station boots, and when I put them on they felt a little narrow, but I wore them around my shop for a few days and they broke in nicely. They are much lighter than the rubbers and way more comfortable, even though they still feel like a pair of work boots rather than a pair of tennis shoes (which I personally prefer when I'm working). I'm not sure the rubber toe is totally necessary, but it's nice to know that I really can't wear out the toes. The toughened up heel and reflective welt are really nice though. The light weight and flexibility make moving on roofs and ladders so much easier it is a night and day difference. The shin guard is nice for ladder work, and the low back is a must. The real noticeable difference, though, was when I started engineering in them. Turns out, driving is much easier when your ankles can flex enough to meet the pedals. I'd still recommend working for a few years and make sure firefighting is for you before you invest in some, but once you reach the point when you realize that you will probably do this for a long time, then consider buying yourself some comfort. Better yet, get your chief to buy them. Pitch it to him/her like this: I used to go through a pair of rubbers almost once a year. They would always get holes on top at the balls of my feet or delaminate at the sole and then they were trash. I have worn these for almost three years now and they still aren't showing any serious wear other than the soles getting a little shorter. Plus when the sole wears out they can be rebuilt at any good boot shop. So for a little over twice as much money, you get many times the service life out of comfortable boots that the department can keep in circulation. Sounds win-win to me. As a side note, a little bit of internet research can save you quite a bit of money over TFS.

Great service in a timely fashion!!


Great product!

A must buy! Union made & made in Merica!


I wear a 11.5 Wide in a standard shoe, i have always heard that these boots due tend to run a half size small. In that case i ordered a 12 E which is a wide. When i received the boots i tried them on and it was a total no go. With the 12 it was still a little tight at the end. Which in a fire boot i want a little wiggle room. And the wide was a big no go. It was way to tight at the width and was very much a discomfort. so i sent them back, and ordered a 12.5 EEE and now i have wiggle room, a little more than i really wish at the end but the width is fine now. i think with adding an extra shoe sole inside a slim fit one i think i can compromise with the length being a little big. but im not going to return them again. it took me 2 days for the firestore to receive them back via usps ground for $18.00 and the turn around time was over a week to get them back. I couldnt wait that long again. Boot quality is great. Only time will tell but i hope they will last me a few years.

Lasted 9 Years and Im getting them resoled now


Boot is very comfortable, work for large Metropolitan Dept and this boots has lasted me 9 Comfortable years, I honestly love wearing these boots, so much that when it was time for new ones I actually found a company that is reconditioning the leather, new soles and restitching any issues, I dont want to break in another pair these haven't let me down, BUY THEM