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Protective Coating Co Leather Helmet Crack Repair Sealer, 2 oz



Disclaimer:The PC-7 Leather Helmet Repair Kit is not an MSA/Cairns product and is not currently approved by MSA as an official repair kit for their leather helmets. PC-7 is commonly used by leather smiths in the repair of leather goods, however, the use of this product is at your own risk.

PC-7® is Protective Coating Company's strongest and thickest epoxy.

Where critical repairs on your leather helmet are a must, this is the product of choice. PC-7® has excellent fill characteristics and is slightly more viscous than peanut butter. Use for sealing, bonding and filling voids in your helmet surface. This is a permanent repair product that dries to a gray color. Use on dry surfaces only. PC-7® allows about 1 hour working time and will cure for service overnight at 70°F. Can be sanded smooth after drying and can be easily painted.


Using separate knives, mix equal parts of A and B on flat surface until uniform in color. Surfaces to be bonded must be free of dirt, oil, rust, etc. Denatured alcohol or lacquer thinner are excellent for removing oil, fingerprints, etc.

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