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Q2B Siren, Electro-Mechanical Classic Design, Pedestal Mount

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"It's not a fire truck without a Q-Siren."

More than 50 years of fire service tradition and history. The Federal Signal Q2B® electro-mechanical siren is a beautifully streamlined, chrome-plated siren designed to provide unparalleled reliability for long-life operation. When mounted on emergency vehicles, the Q2B delivers a powerful warning sound of 123 decibels at 10 feet, more than any other electro-mechanical siren.

A heavy-duty coaster clutch is standard on Q2B models. The unique coaster clutch design enables the siren to deliver longer coast-down sound once power is removed to reduce battery drain. The “worry free” clutch is subject to very little wear and requires no service attention or adjustments. Use the standard electric brake to quickly silence the siren.

Two Q2B models are available. The Q2B-P comes with pedestal and housing for bumper mounting. Q2B-NN is designed for recessed mounting in the bumper.


  • Improves emergency vehicle operator safety
  • 123 decibels at 10 feet
  • Chrome plating and highly polished stainless steel
  • "Worry free" coaster clutch
  • Quality and reliability


Voltage12 VDC
Operating Current100A
Sound Output123 dB @ 10ft.
Dimensions14.0" x 10.0" x 10.5"

The distinctive sound of the Q2B electro-mechanical siren is a registered trademark owned by Federal Signal Corporation.

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Federal Q Review


Its not a fire truck if it doesn't have a Q!

Best traffic mover!


I have used these since the early 70's. Had them mounted on roof of all of our ambulances. When you got to an intersection, and had this peaked out, time stopped! You get a better sense of direction of where the emergency vehicle is approaching from, unlike the electronic siren. There is a art to running these things. I do not like the brake system on the new ones compared to the older ones ( have to pulse brake on new ones). Also had them on most of the fire trucks I have driven over the years. Air horns are the best, but the Q is a close runner up.


"dose it come with the food switch"

No that is a separate line item,

"Where can I get the food peddle at"

Shawn can you send us a picture of your switch? I've come across a couple different switches, the one we keep coming back to looks like the old headlight dimmer switch that used to be used in cars, mounted on the floor on the drivers side. bgriffin@thefirestore.com

"where can I get the peddle for this"

Shawn, we responded back to you on March 21 asking if you could send us a picture of the ""foot peddle"" as you call it, we can get this if we know exactly what you are looking for! We also supplied you with an email address to send the picture to, and we haven't seen anything yet..

"Could you please explain the difference between the pedestal and recess mount?"

The Pedestal is the chrome bracket the siren is mounted to when you have the siren on the front bumper of the truck, the recessed model is when the siren is enclosed in the truck body with the chrome grille sticking out of the body, most commonly seen in the Seagraves fire apparatus. Hope this helps you