Rite in the Rain DuraCopy Waterproof Copier/Laser Paper, 8-1/2 x 11"

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Print or copy your own All-Weather documents and forms. Use them to show, tell, guide, and write down the critical information you need—on the spot—in any weather.

The last thing you need at an emergency scene is documentation that can’t get wet.. From simple grids, to custom worksheets and reports—instructions, signs, SOPs, rosters, logs, assessment forms, charts, checklists, accident & incident reports, triage forms, field notes, targets, score sheets, or anything that may need to be read or written in the rain. Now you can enjoy the convenience, cost-effectiveness, and confidence of using your own familiar forms in any weather. For just pennies a sheet, "Rite in the Rain" paper lets you concentrate on the matter at hand—not on keeping your paper dry.
  • Write in any weather or the spray of a hose. The printed document and your handwritten notes, are secure.
  • Copy or Laser Print your own all-weather forms, charts, instructions, signs, diagrams, targets, score sheets, and reports.
  • 20# 8½ x 11” Dura Copy copier/laser paper can be used in any copier or laser jet printer to produce copies.
  • Maintains waterproof performance of printed material, for custom signs and whatever is written on them.
  • Fold, bind, trim, or use as single sheets, like any standard copier paper.

Designed for standard photocopiers and laser printers. 20# bond “Rite in the Rain” Copier/Laser Paper is a wood-based paper can be printed on both sides, will not melt in any machine, and is completely recyclable. 8½ x 11” sheets, available in White. Sold in packs of 25 or 100.

NOTE: This paper is not for ink-jet printers. Please see the chart below for details and Rite in the Rain paper options for other kinds of printers.

“Outdoor Writing Products for Outdoor Writing People.”This truly amazing, patented paper was created specifically for writing field notes in all weather conditions. From torrential rains in the Pacific Northwest, to the oppressive heat and humidity of a Florida summer day, Water simply beads up and rolls off of “Rite in the Rain” paper. It’s a natural wood-based paper product that sheds water, yet is completely recyclable. Come rain or come shine…your critical notes are safe when they’re written on “Rite in the Rain.”

Write in any weather. With the right pen…and “Rite in the Rain.” The All-Weather Paper can be used wet or dry with a pencil (for erasable notes) or with a “Rite in the Rain” All-Weather Pen or any Fisher Space Pen (Fisher makes the pens for “Write in the Rain”). These unique, permanent ink ballpoint pens were originally developed for NASA to use in zero gravity. Their pressurized refills will write upside down, in temperatures from -30 to 250°F, over butter or grease, under water…and on “Rite in the Rain” All-Weather Writing Paper—wet or dry

Download Free Forms.
Choose from a wide variety of 8½ x 11”, 5 ½ by 8½ folded, or loose leaf sized forms, free.
Various grid sheets and common templates are available for a variety of industries, public safety, and military applications. Many of these were submitted to Rite in the Rain by customers for use by others. They are available to you, to share, via a simple download, from Rite in the Rain or other on-line sources that you may find. Depending on the format in which these forms were submitted, you may use them as they are, or modify them to easily produce all-weather forms and worksheets that reflect your own ID, procedures, and preferences.

A few Sample Forms you can download here.
Or you can find more, simply by clicking Free Forms


  • Size - 8 1/2" x 11”
  • Page Pattern – Blank, no pattern
  • Binding – Unbound sheets
  • Weight – 20#.bond
  • Sold per – Pack of 25 or 100 sheets
  • Colors: White

Download Copier/Laser Printer user tips.

Sold in:

  • 1 Pack of 100 Sheets
  • 12 Packs of 100 Sheets
  • 1 Pack of 25 Sheets
  • 50 Packs of 25 Sheets

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