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SC Products CitroSqueeze PPE Turnout Gear Cleaner

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Formulated to remove the harmful and stubborn hydrocarbons, carcinogens and soils that become inbedded in fabric.

  • Major fabric and fiber manufacturers like DuPont, Southern Mills, WL Gore and 3M have proven the product safe to use
  • DuPont specifically recommends CitroSqueeze® to clean Nomex clothing
  • Removes hydrocarbons and carcinogens from fabrics while maintaining integrity of gear
  • Perfect for structural turnouts, Wildland clothing, boots (leather and rubber) and gloves
  • Cost effective: cleaning with proper detergents will increase the life of Nomex/Kevlar clothing and turnout gear
  • CitroSqueeze meets the NFPA 1851 Standard, is biodegradable, has near-neutral pH levels, and is environmentally safe and user-friendly

CitroSqueeze helps to maintain the protective quality of turnout apparel. It is the PPE cleaner that has been tested and proven safe by Dupont, Southern Mills, W.L. Gore & Assoc., 3M Products, Safety Components International, Inc., and CIBA Specialty Chemicals.


Soiled and improperly maintained turnout gear seriously endangers the lives of firefighters and rescue personnel. Hydrocarbons from fire, smoke and ash become embedded in the protective fabrics, therefore reducing thermal protection which causes turnouts to absorb more radiant heat.

When exposed to the right situation these contaminants on PPE are flammable and a conductor of electricity rather than an insulator. Another factor is the carcinogens that become embedded in the fabric. These can easily be transferred onto the skin and eventually absorbed right into the bloodstream.


CitroSqueeze is formulated to remove the harmful and stubborn hydrocarbons and soils resulting from fires and chemical spills, while maintaining the integrity of your turnout gear.


CitroSqueeze meets the NFPA 1851 Standard, is biodegradable, has near-neutral pH levels, and is environmentally safe and user-friendly.

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"I would like to get a MSDS sheet on this product, and is it sented?"

Send me your e mail address, i'll scan and email to you

"can I use this cleaner in a household wash machine"

This should work in any machine, or style of machine, I wouldn't talk to much about it in public. Are you doing your turnout gear in a home machine? Where is the used water going when it leaves the machine, into a sewer for the local town or are you dumping it into the ground? All of that should be taken into consideration, If your using a commercial machine they are normally connected to the local waste-water lines and are sent to the sewer plants

"Does it have to be diluted?"

Chief, no you don't dilute it, follow the directions on the container, use their recommended amount per load of gear.

"Can this product be used in a Washer/Extractor machine?"


"I'm interested in the make up of the product that makes it consistent with following the guidelines of NFPA 1851. If you can i'd like a copy of the MSDS."

Watch you e mail

"If you can, I' d like to get MSDS of this product"

Yes, we will e mail to you

"May I have a copy of the MSDS Sheet for the product?"

Emailing you 2 pages

"is the citrosqueeze good for lifeline equipment as well as the turnout and ppe gear? please send me a better specification sheet and msds sheet"

Citrosqueeze is good for all turnout gear.