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Shield Solutions GEAR CLEAN Turnout Gear and PPE Wash

$9.99 - $129.59
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Safely wash firefighting turnout gear and other PPE with this detergent that meets NFPA 1851, 2008 recommendations.

This pH neutral wash solution has been carefully developed to ensure the safe cleaning of all firefighting turnout gear and other PPE. Shield Solutions® GEAR CLEAN -Turnout Gear and PPE Wash meets the recommendations set forth by NFPA 1851, 2008 edition related to detergents used for the cleaning of turnout gear. This laundry product provides for cleaning of heavily soiled turnout gear yet is gentle enough for everyday laundry washing needs.
  • Non-corrosive to metals
  • pH neutral (6.5-7.5)
  • Will not leave a residue
  • Highly concentrated formula, cost effective
  • Will not damage/reduce reflectivity on reflective components (as verified by manufacturer)
  • Can be used in all cleaning applications (machine or hand washing)
  • Choose: one 1 gallon bottle, four 1 gallon bottles/case, 5 gallon pail or 32 oz. bottle of pre-spotter

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"Do you know the NSN number for the 5 gallon Gear Clean?"

Sorry I do not know what you are asking for, never heard of this NSN, you will have to be more to the point

"Is this product a concentrate if so what is the mixture to be used? Thanks Miller 642"

Machine Washing - Brush off and gently rinse off any loose debris. - Pre-treat any heavily soiled or stained areas. - Wash liner separate from outer shell (when possible) - Use 2-4 oz of Shield Solutions Turnout Gear & PPE Wash per load (2 oz for light soiled garments to 4 oz for extremely heavy soiled garments) - For an Extractor use 1 oz per 10 pound of machine capacity (example: 40 lb machine = 4 oz) - Do not exceed water temperature of 105 F (41 C)., - Never exceed the capacity of the wash machine. - Wash machine extraction should not exceed 100 G-Force. - Inspect and repeat the cleaning process as necessary.

"Does the 5 gallon bucket come with a pump dispenser?"

It does not.