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Sterling SearchLite FDNY Configuration, Reflective Search Line Kit

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An advanced high-visibility search line kit developed for New York City's finest.

Every crew, every apparatus, every search team should have one. It may be the most advanced search line kit ever. Specially developed by Sterling and the FDNY, to meet the challenges of demanding urban firefighting environments. It’s a convenient, lightweight, life-saver that should be carried by the team leader of any apparatus, fire crew, or RIT team venturing into a commercial, industrial, retail, or public building.
  • A complete, life-saving setup no fire crew should be without.
  • Reflective search line that’s heat resistant, easy to handle, hard to miss
  • Advanced locking snap hook is faster, safer, lighter…and so easy
  • High-vis search rope bag made for effortless deployment
Complete—with the best of everything. The SearchLite FDNY Configuration Search Line set-up includes 220’ of Sterling’s most advanced search cord—permanently attached to a secure double action ISC aluminum snap-hook/carabiner on one end, and a small stainless steel swivel snap-hook on the other. Plus it includes a sturdy, compact, high-visibility nylon rope bag designed for effortless deployment and easy re-packing of the supple, SearchLite rope (without bag option also available). Two quick-release seatbelt-style buckles make the adjustable heavy-duty shoulder strap easy to disconnect from either side in an emergency. Packed dimensions: 12” W x 9” H x 6 D”.

Think of it as a Survival System for your entire crew. All inclusive. For one life-saving package price.

Sterling SearchLite™ Search Line: 

Reflective, heat resistant, compact, and easily deployed. This unique 7.5mm cord has reflective properties in the sheath and heat resisting fibers in the core. Designed to be easily deployed, easily seen, but not easily destroyed. This rope could become the new standard in search cord. 

Developed for the most demanding conditions. For fire crew safety in search operations, and as an important tool for rescue and Rapid Intervention Teams. Aramid fibers such as Technora® are incorporated to achieve the heat resistance, strength, and optimum handling required for these very special ropes. 

SearchLite is supple, easy to knot, and extremely durable. Offering an excellent balance of strength, abrasion resistance, and handling. With a tougher sheath and better elongation in the cores to absorb the impact forces from a bail out, if necessary. No other personal escape ropes have been tested as much or as thoroughly. It's no wonder Sterling fire rescue ropes are preferred by top fire and safety instructors – not only in New York City, but around the globe.

  • Developed by Sterling for FDNY operations.
  • 7.5mm cord with reflective fibers in the sheath
  • Reflective yarns illuminate rope when headlamp shines light on it
  • Technora and nylon core strands combined for better heat resistance than standard nylon cord or webbing
  • Kernmantle braid construction
  • Compact, supple, easy to knot, and extremely durable
  • Easier to handle than webbing with gloved hands
  • Stuffs and deploys from bag with ease
  • Excellent for primary team or personal search lines
  • High tensile strength at 3017 lb
  • Weight just 2 lb/100 ft (36 g/M)
 Tech Specs
MBS:3,017 lbs (13.42 kN)
Elongation @ 10% MBS2.9%
Weight2.05 lbs/100' (36 g/M)
SWL 10:1302
Fibers:Nylon, Reflective Nylon, Technora Aramid

Double action ISC aluminum snap-hook/carabiner

One of the fastest, safest, most innovative NFPA-P carabiners we’ve ever seen. This ultra-light, high-strength aircraft aluminum-alloy snap hook provides the safety of a locking-gate carabiner with the one-hand operating convenience of a simple snap hook. Plus it offers the secure connection and rope protection of a captive eye.

Lever-action double gate design offers safety and the one-handed convenience of a simple snap hook.Yet it locks automatically. And stays locked, thanks to its patented double-gate KEY-LOCK™ system. While both the rear lever and gate must be squeezed simultaneously to unlock the gate, it’s done in a completely natural gripping action.

Sewn loop and captive eye provide a secure, tangle-free connection. A small, strong, stainless steel swivel snap hook is permanently stitched to the other end of the rope and can be fastened to a loop inside the bag. It can be easily detached to make a secure terminal connection or link to a second search line if extra distance is required.

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"what is the heat resistance temperature of the rope?"

This rope is made up of multiple types of fibers. around 80% is nylon that starts to melt roughly at 420F. One of the other cores in the rope is made out of Technora which is a aramid fiber. This starts to breakdown at 900F. The concept of this rope is that if the nylon were to melt off the Technora will still be intact.

"Do you sell the bag alone and if so what is the price and item #"

This bag is not sold alone.