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SureFoot SureFoot Safety Step Ventilation Platform Device



SureFoot Safety Step is a safe, secure device footing for structure fire roof ventilation.

SureFoot was specifically designed for use during the ventilation of a structure fire, making the process safer for both the cutter and stabilizer. SureFoot Safety Step saves lives and prevents serious injuries by offering a heavy-duty step to establish a safe, secure footing.

Made of lightweight durable aluminum, SureFoot attaches quickly to the rail and one rung of a roof ladder. Recommended one per roof ladder. It weighs just 8 lbs. and is 30" long to go across two rafters. It is easily carried by one hand and is balanced for easy placement on any rung of the ladder on either side. It has a carabiner hole for easy strap hook ups. 

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Awesome! Solid! So easy to use!


So easy to use and so much safer to make ventilation cuts!

Great Product as advertised!


This is a great product for roof ventilation! It is light weight and is not a big deal to carry up like the other reviewer states. It is extremely fast to put in use by hanging it over the side rail and a rung of the ladder. The construction of it is solid and does not have numerous failure points unlike some of the other products I've looked at.

Safety Purposes


This product has great use for the safety of the team. Realistically, we are not in favor of having to carry any more than needed but for this particular part of the job, the Surefoot Safety Step minimizes risks and provides the necessary support. I would recommend every fire department have one or more.

Quick and easy setup!


We have used this Ladder Platform to quickly obtain secure footing during roof top operations. It requires minimal time to set up, and frees traditional handtools used for this purpose. Lt. Shirk Hooks & Hooligans

Surely Stable


Bought our first Sure Step to place on our Attack Company Engine. After a year of testing we ordered a second to go on our Truck Company Engine. Now we are purchasing a third for our Rescue Company. Reaching the conclusion the stability offered for roof, elevated and ladder duties, safely created an increased work platform critical on slate, clay and metal roofs. Sure Foot enables our firefighters to feel more stable with a wider work stance, able to work faster with enhanced safety. This should be required equipment for all truck company ops.


"What is the weight capacity or rating?"

I can't find a weight limit listed for this, but it's only capable of handling 1 FF at a time, so you say a FF weights 200 Lbs. this should be able to handle 250 to 300 lbs.

"Is the Sure Foot offered in reflective paint, orange/lime green?"

No, it's polished alum diamond plate