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TFT Res-Q-Rench Folding Spanner Multi Tool



Lightweight, strong, and incredibly handy.

Making the World Safer, Healthier & More Productive

If you could carry only one pocket tool to the fireground or rescue scene, the multi-purpose Res-Q-Rench should be the one.


  • Lightweight, injection-molded nylon
  • Comfortable, ergonomic design
  • Spanner wrench for rocker lugs
  • Carbide tip window punch
  • Seatbelt cutter
  • Small oxygen cylinder valve wrench
  • Residential gas valve shut-off
  • Small pry tool

It’s a spanner, first of all. Designed to work with rocker lug hand line and supply line couplings. Plus it’s the only folding spanner that will fit most 4.0" (102mm) and 5.0" (127mm) Storz locking couplings.

A tool made to do more. Its Integrated carbide tip window punch can quickly pop out windows during vehicle extrication. The heavy-duty seat belt cutter makes short work of vehicle seat belts and other web materials. With its curved pry wedge and built-in fulcrum, the Res-Q-Rench easily pries open windows and works as a door jam to prop open doors. Plus it has an integrated residential gas valve shut-off and oxygen bottle wrench.

Easy to carry, comfortable to use. At just 5 oz., and 8” long when folded, the Res-Q-Rench is easy to carry in a turnout pocket or tool pouch. And its rounded corners and curved design make it comfortable to use, with or without gloves. It’s a tool you won’t want to be without.


  • Length: closed 8-1/8” | open 12-3/8”
  • Width: 0.75”, (1-3/16” at pry tip)
  • Weight: 5.1 oz.

Gets the job done


Lightweight versatile tool

Good Tool


Fits in bunker pants pocket nicely.

really impressive tool


Its great idea and pretty handy. I've not used it to pry anything yet so I'm not sure how durable it will be that way.

great compact tool


great little tool its not heavy fits great in my turnout coat radio pocket. Fits virtualy and hose couplings and has many other uses besides a spanner its a seatbelt cutter, window punch , pry bar, o2 valve opener gas valve shut off and whatever else u want it to be. if you on an engine company get it

Good, but not soo great.


I purchased this tool about a year ago and it performed well up until I went through my vehicle rescue certifications. After clearing numerous posts and cutting countless seatbelts the seatbelt cutter finally failed. Other than that, this product is extremely handy and great to have. So for the firefighter who runs a low amount of MVA's, I say this is a great buy.

Rescue wrench


I'd buy 2

Too long to receive product


Product is really lightweight and versatile. However, first use to clear windows caused it to get beat up pretty bad. Seat belt cutter is not as sharp as it should be either. It took over a month for me to receive this product from the website. That's way too long.

Res Q Rench


My department got this multi tool hoping to get something that would be quality for our extrications. The bottom line is that the tool isn't as durable as we thought. Prying with it makes me nervous, as it starts to bend at a certain point and isn't as durable as if it was metal. It also gets beat up very easily. Lastly, the seat belt cutters are dull and often get dislodged and become useless. The concept is great, but needs to be executed differently. Namely, not in plastic.

my most valuable firefighting gadget


I have been a volunteer firefighter for 15 years. I have used this tool more frequently than any of the many other ""gadget"" tools I've purchased. And it is less than half the price of a lot of other tools than I eventually shelved. Great for uncoupling those stubborn hoses at the end of fire without having to go back to the truck for a spanner. Good for breaking windows for an extrication (con - as with all tools requiring a strike to the window, the tool can continue on inside and strike a patient.) The pry portion is good for overhaul of sheetrock, molding, etc. I've never personally used the seat belt cutter but I've seen it used effectively. Best multi-use tool for the money. Lost my last one on a fire after I laid it down and a brick wall fell on it and I couldn't recover it. Bought two this time so I have a backup.

Bought as a gift, unable to fully review


Very easily accessible multi use tool to carry in your bunker gear.

Everyday Firefighters Tool


This product should be in every firefighters pocket. With the strong construction and durability it will withstand the punishment, but it will also function in the simplest task.

My favorite tool in my turnouts


This tool is one of the best multi-tools that I own, the window breaker really works good, better than a full swing with a pick head axe. The spaner also works very well and feels very solid even when applying lots of force to the tool, the seatbelt cutter is second to none. Overall the Res-Q-Rench is my favorite personal tool that I carry in my turnouts.

cool tool


nice product

nice tool for its size


used this multiple times instead of walking back to the truck to retrieve a full spanner

great product, we'll made very useful


Very handy tool, I've used it several times over the last few months, it's not cheap and flimsy.

Not great.


This product is not meant for uncoupling or shutting off any valve that isn't brand new and well lubed. I gave it an honest chance and was very disappointed. It has failed me regularly and I subsequently threw it out. Save your money and get a folding metal version.

definantly worth it!!!


Like the lightweight of the tool, and the fact its easy to carry. Seat belt cutter slide through seat belt with ease and pried open an few windows gave some but got the job done without harm to the tool. haven't had a chance to try any of the other tools yet but am excited to do it

Great Tool


I owned and used this tool for over 15 years. Performed countless extrications with it. You have to realizes it’s limits. It shut gas valves off with no problem, cut seat belts and broke plenty of windows. The only time I used the pry tool was to give me a gap between door and door frame of a vehicle to assist in getting a different tool in to unlock the doors. The only issue I ever had was the carbide tip eventually was dislodged and that was after several years of use. however the company sent me a replacement at no cost. Know your tools and their limitations.