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TRU-SPEC 27-P Basic Flight Suit

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Coveralls for those who fly service aircraft, perform ground maintenance or for carrying out search and rescue missions.

In the air or on the ground, no work suit is more versatile. They’re comfortable, quick and easy. The TRU-SPEC® Flyers Coverall is designed after the military issue US Flyers 27-P Coverall. It is a 9-pocket design including a utility pocket on the wearer’s left arm and two cargo pockets on the legs. The waist band is constructed with enclosed elastic in the back and hook and loop waist tabs. The front has a two way zipper. The legs have ankle zipper closures.

Sewn to military specification FNS/PD 96-17 (MIL-C-23141A). 
  • Designed from US flyers 27â€�P coveralls
  • 65/35 Polyester/Cotton Twill
  • 9â€�pocket design
    • 2 deep chest pockets with angled zipper closure
    • 2 waist pockets with zipper closure
    • Vertical zipper pocket on sleeve with bellowed pen/pencil slots
    • Extra large calf pockets with covered zipper openings
  • 2-way front zipper closure
  • Zippered leg expansion on leg to pull over boots
  • Gusseted back
  • Hook & loop waist and wrist tabs
  • Hook & loop name tape
Construction Detail

Seam specification is 10 – 12 stitches per inch (SPI) including the lock stitch, chain stitch, felled seams, safety and serge seams; Bar-tacks - 28 SPI.

Chest Pockets:
The chest pocket has 5 corners that has a design that makes the top outside corner higher than the inside corner, causing it to slant toward the placket area. They are of two-piece construction, a zipper flap and pocket component. There are three mitered corners and two other corners that are caught in the side felled seam. The pockets are set with a 1/8” margin, a double needle 1/4” gauge lockstitch machine. It has ¾” finished edge that hides the enclosed zipper with a 1/8” topstitch at the zipper opening. The dimensions of the chest pockets are as follows: inside front edge measures 7” long, top pocket slants upward 7-1/2” toward the top (outside top corner pocket is 4” higher than the top inside edge of the pocket), outer edge of the pocket extends slanted 7-1/2” to the out-seam edge, out-seam edge extends 6” down into the felled seam and down.

The bottom pocket width is 7” felled out-seam to the front inside finished edge. The bottom of the chest pocket is positioned across from the seat and back felled seams. There are two vertical bar-tacks on both chest pockets at the zipper opening and closure. This secures the zipper with the top and bottom panels. The bar-tack is placed directly over the inside edge of the double needle thread that sets the pocket.

Side Zipper Vents:
The garment has two side zipper vents that open to the inside of the garment. They are constructed of two zipper panels that finish 2-1/4” x 9-1/4” and a protection panel that is placed under the zipper measuring 9” x 3”. The zipper is set with a double needle lockstitch and the panels are set with a single needle lockstitch. The zipper panels have a 3/4” finished edge that hides the enclosed zipper with a 1/8” top stitch at the zipper opening. The zipper panels are set 1-1/2” down from the finished chest pocket and 1” over from the finished felled side seam.

There are four bar-tacks on both side zipper openings and closures. This secures the zipper and both panels. Two horizontal bar-tacks are placed over the outside edge of the single needle operation joining both panels together. Two more horizontal bar-tacks are placed at the zipper opening and closure. The zippers zip up toward the waist to open.

Entrance Zipper:
The entrance is made of two front panels and two self-fabric inserts that are clean finished and run from the crotch inseam to the neckline where it tapers to the shoulders. There is a small fabric component 2-1/2” x 1-1/4” that is set with a single needle lockstitch that covers the bottom of the zipper. Also, it has a two piece inside zipper yoke that has a zigzag stitch the length of the panels. It is set under the zipper for protection and finishes 1-3/4” wide. It extends 1” below the top of the zipper to 1-1/2” past the zipper stop.

There are three horizontal bar-tacks, with the first set directly below the zipper stop and the remaining bar-tacks spaced 1/2” down toward the inseam. The entrance has a two way zipper that is attached to the front two panels after the fabric inserts are set. It is set with a single needle lockstitch. It has a 3/4” finished edge that hides the enclosed zipper with a 1/8” top stitch at the zipper opening. The zipper has a 3” x 1/2” finished pull tab made of self fabric and single needle lock stitched 1/8” margin, with three bar-tacks, one bar-tack 1/4” from each end and one centered.

Cargo Pockets:
There is one cargo pocket on each leg set with a 1/8” margin and a double needle 1/4” gauge lockstitch machine. It has a 3/4” finished edge that hides the enclosed zipper with a 1/8” top stitch at the zipper opening. Each cargo pocket is set 5” (Starts at 5” and grades 1/2” between short, regular, and long lengths) up from the bottom edge of the leg hem. The top cargo pocket finished measurement is 8-3/4”, bottom pocket finished measurement is 6-3/4” and the length is 14-1/2”.

Two bar-tacks are placed vertical at the center of the zipper opening and closure supporting both sides of the zipper tab and covering the inside edge of the double needle stitching. There is a small pocket (5-1/2” x 2-1/4”) and flap (5” x 2-1/4”) on the wearer’s right cargo pocket. The flap is set 3-1/2” down from the finished top edge and the pocket is centered under the flap 1/4”. The flap and pocket have a 1” x 1/4” Velcro closure with a 1-1/4” opening.

Waist Construction:
The waist has an enclosed 7” x 1-1/2” wide piece of elastic that is bar-tacked on the center back and seat seam. The elastic has straps that finish 12” long x 1-1/4” wide and are attached by a box stitch on each end. The straps and elastic are enclosed by a one piece self fabric band that is attached by a double needle lockstitch with a 1/8 margin that finishes 2-1/2” long and extends across the back waist (where it finishes on the back bellowed pleat that runs the length of the back) 2” from each side seam. The straps have a 1” x 4” hook fastener tape attached to each end that is set on the 1/4” single needle strap seam. The loop is set over (centering) the bottom seam of the front chest pocket. It extends to the inside vertical double needle seam that attaches the chest pocket. There are two bar-tacks at each end of the waistband opening, over the inside edge of the two needle operations that help secure the band.

Shoulder Construction:
The garment has a 1” rolled shoulder that is attached to the back with a felled seam. The shoulders have reinforced patches and are set with a double needle lockstitch. The patches are set 1” from the neckline and extend to the armhole. The patches are centered over the join shoulder seam and vertically measure 7-1/2” at the neck opening and finish 6” at the armhole. There are bar-tacks placed over both back bellowed seams at the outside stitching of the double needle on the shoulder patch.

The collar is made of three piece self fabric. Back panels are of two piece construction with a zigzag stitch securing both pieces together. Back panels are then attached to the top panel with a 1/4” margin, single needle lockstitch. The collar is turned and finished with a 1/4” single needle topstitch. The collar is then set with a 1/8” margin.

The sleeves are of two piece self fabric construction. The panels are joined at the center back with a 1/4” gauge felled seam. Sleeves have a 1-1/2” cuff with a tipped tab that is secured with a hook and loop closure and made with a single needle lockstitch. The tab extends 3-1/4” in length and 1 5/8” in width and has a 2” x 1-1/2” hook fastener tape. The loop is 6” x 1-1/2” and both are placed toward the front of the sleeve with a single needle lockstitch. The sleeves also have 4-1/4” round air holes sewn. The first two are positioned 2” from the armhole 1-3/4” from the felled out seam (one air hole on the front and back panel). The remaining two are positioned 2” past the first air holes and 1-1/2” to the felled out seam (one air hole on the front and back panel). A utility pocket with a zipper opening and a flap that covers two pencil pocket openings is attached to the wearer’s left sleeve.

Left Sleeve Utility Pocket:
The utility pocket is made of two piece construction to accommodate the zipper and set with a double needle lockstitch on the side and bottom seams and a single needle lockstitch at the top seam. The zipper pulls toward the cuff to open. The zipper tab is finished 1” and has a 3/4” finished edge that hides the enclosed zipper with a 1/8” topstitch at the zipper opening. The pocket measures 4” from the center of the zipper to the edge of the pocket. The pencil pocket finished 5” x 2-1/4” and is double needle set and centered on the bottom edge of the pocket component. The pencil pocket has a single needle stitch, centered between the double needle operations that make a 1/2” opening for each pencil pocket.

There are three bar-tacks that help support the pencil openings. They are placed at the top edge of the pencil pocket openings. The flap and pencil pocket has a hook and loop closure. The loop is set and centered on the pencil pocket. The flap is of two piece construction made with 1/4” margin turned and topstitched with a 1/4” margin. The flap measures 5-1/4” x 2-1/4” and is set with a hidden single needle clean finish hem. The hook measures 2-1/8” x 1” and is sewn with a single needle stitch 1/2” down from the top edge of the flap. There is a 3” x 2” nylon protection piece that is single needle set on the bottom edge of the pocket under the pencil pocket. Then it is set with a single needle 1/4” margin to the sleeve prior to setting the pocket.

Hem Leg With Zipper Closure:
The leg has a 1-1/28” clean finish hem with a zipper closure. The zipper closure is made of two 1” zipper tabs that are set with a 1/8” margin, double needle 1/4” gauge lockstitch. It has a 3/4” finished edge that hides the enclosed zipper with a 1/8” top stitch at the zipper opening. When zipped, the dimensions are 10-1/2” x 2” and takes up 4” of the leg opening. There are three bar-tacks on the zipper tab closures, one bar-tack placed above the zipper stop and one each at the single needle 1/8” margin stitching of the zipper tab end.

Armhole Operations:
The armhole is made when the sleeves are joined to the front and back panels. It is joined with a safety stitch and then covered with a two needle stitch.

Out And Inseam:
Both operations are two needle felled.

Chest Patch:
There is a 3-1/2” x 2” loop patch; single needle set 3-1/2” over from the zipper tab edge, and 7” down from the high point of the shoulder.

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"What size range are the Medium, Large, and Extra Large sizes?"

John, below are the chest sizes for Medium, Large and Extra Large Medium: 38""-40"" Large: 42""-44"" XLarge: 46""-48""

"whats the size range on the 3-x flight suit"

54""-56"" chest, unhemed inseam