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Tabula Rasa: A Novel by Shelley Reuben

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Tabula Rasa: A Novel by Shelly Reuben

When tracking the clues at a tragic house fire, arson investigator Billy Nightingale and State Trooper Sebastian Bly discover a dangerous, determined arsonist whose motive is attention and whose victims are her own children. Billy rescues the sole survivor, a baby girl, and Sebastian and his wife Annie decide to adopt and raise her, naming her Merry. Believing that she can start all over again, tabula rasa, Sebastian, Annie, and Billy create a fictional past for Merry, one where her mother was a ballerina and not a murderer, where her past was happy and not life-shattering. But the truth threatens their charmed family life when Merry's biological mother returns to finish what she started. Soft cover. 292 pages.

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