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Task Force Tips Sho-Flow 1 and 2

$900.75 - $1,350.75
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“How do I know what I am flowing?” is one of the most common questions in the fire service.

The SHO – FLOW Bluetooth is the premier choice in proving out your water flow application rates with a +/-2.5% accuracy throughout the 50-300 GPM (200-1150 LPM), 100-500 GPM (380-1900 LPM), and 250-1250 GPM (950-4700 LPM) flow ranges.

With no wires to connect and no batteries needed to operate, once you start flowing at least 50 gpm (200 lpm), you are able to connect to a smart device within seconds to see your flow in real time, with options of: GPM, LPM, LPS.

Since flow readings are transmitted to a linked smart device, the unit is extraordinarily rugged and convenient. There is no worry about display screens being damaged in extreme fire service use and you don’t need to be next to the unit to obtain flow information.

TFT’s SHO-FLOW Bluetooth generates its own power using an unobstructed water driven turbine that will pass debris up to 1” (25mm) in diameter.

Starting at 50 gpm (200 lpm), the turbine generates power needed to supply a Bluetooth connection to any smart device which displays an accurate flow rate in GPM, LPS or LPM.

The SHO-FLOW® 1 Bluetooth® App is available to download for free through Apple or Android app stores.  The app allows user specified flow rates, calibration, and diagnostics.

  • Inlet: 1.5" (38 mm) or 2.5" (64 mm)
  • Inlet Coupling Style: Rocker
  • Inlet Coupling Swivel: Rigid
  • Inlet Connection Type: NH Female
  • Outlet: 1.5" (38 mm) or 2.5" (64 mm)
  • Outlet Coupling Style: Male Threads
  • Outlet Coupling Swivel: Rigid
  • Outlet Connection Type: NH Male
  • Flow Range: 50-300 GPM (200-1150 LPM), 100-500 GPM (380-1900 LPM), and 250-1250 GPM (950-4700 LPM)
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 300 psi (21 bar)
  • Waterway Size: 1.5" (38 mm)
  • Accuracy: +-2.5% Full Scale

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