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Technical Rescue Products, Inc. MAYDAY Backup Air Solution Device

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Have a backup plan for your SCBA unit

The MAYDAY Backup Air Solution was designed to provide firefighters confronted with an empty or malfunctioning SCBA, the opportunity to breathe the trapped air remaining in their turnout gear or with the ability to reach a remote source of breathable air while they await rescue.

The MAYDAY Backup Air Solution should never be used as a replacement for a properly functioning self-contained breathing apparatus. This product is designed for use in smoke-filled atmospheres only and should only be used as a "last ditch effort" in finding a potential source of breathable air when no other option exists.

This simply designed, low-profile and inexpensive adapter is one that the everyday firefighter can afford. It acts as an emergency replacement for the mask-mounted regulator. With 30” of heat resistant tubing to breathe through, the firefighter now has the ability to seek an alternative air source without having to remove the face piece.

Choose: Draeger, MSA Fire Hawk, MSA TTC, or Scott Puck compatible models.
  • Provides a chance to find breathable air when no other option exists
  • Simple, low profile design is compatible with most major SCBA models
  • Includes a 30” heat resistant breathing tube for even more air options
  • Easily stores in turnout pocket
General Instructions
As soon as you recognize that your breathable air is compromised, immediately initiate a MAYDAY (request for help) by any means possible. Begin looking for potential sources of breathable air. Consider the trapped air that might be remaining within your turnout coat. Remove the product from its stored location prior to the depletion of your air supply.

Once the SCBA has been depleted, remove the mask mounted regulator and replace it with the MAYDAY-Air (each SCBA model may involve specific directions, click for full instructions.) The MAYDAY-Air must be inserted fully into the SCBA face piece and then rotated a 1/4 turn to ensure a proper seal. Direct the breathing hose towards the selected air source and begin breathing.

Technical Rescue Products, Inc., makers of the MAYDAY Backup Air Solution fully acknowledge that these products are not a "Save All". These products were designed to be used as a "last-ditch-effort" at saving the life of the firefighter when no other option exists. They should never be used as a substitute for a properly functioning SCBA and this product does not guarantee survival.

Failing to familiarize in advance with how this product attaches to the face piece could result in death or serious injury. This product does not ensure a fresh air supply will be established. This product does not keep you from inhaling smoke or other fire gases. The breathing tube will kink - store in a manner that avoids kinking.


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