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TheFireStore Brass Crown Piece Only (Attaches To Top Of Helmet)



Brass crown piece attaches to the top of firefighting helmets. Fits Cairns N5A and N6A

NOTE:  you will need a kick press tool to install.

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"I have a cairns n5a will this item work with my helmet also is it predrilled?"

it will work, but you will have to drill out the old crown top, be sure you use a smaller bit, to do this, and use the same bit to drill the hole you will need to attach the new crown ,(it comes with a new fastener)

"Will the bolt / fastener work on the Eagle? I lost the top ""bolt"" and the only place I can find a replacement is in a pack for $60."

Dave, the M10P is $9.00 have you tried that, heck a lot cheaper than $60.00

"How does this fasten to a helmet ?"

The Brass Crown comes with a fastener, you need that and the front part of it slips under the eagle and holds.

"It looks like a screw in the little brass pin , mine did not come with a screw just the cap and a pin. I got answer thru e-mail and it says to tuck it under the eagle but it is 3/8 of a inch. from it and what would hold it down in the back. I you can not tell me how to fasten this to my helmet I quess I will have to send it back. Would like to see it work would look nice just don't know how to keep it on. HELP !"

Brian, lets start over, what kind of helmet are you trying to add this to? This does not go on any other helmet than the N5A New Yorker or the N6A Sam Houston, if your trying to install this on something other than those 2 helmets forget it, impossible to do. by the sound of your question you don't have a leather helmet, if you did you would have seen how this works and attaches

"How does the fastener work. It looks like a rivet but there is no way to connect it. And there is no push cap for the other side as well. Im aware the one side is held by the eagle but there appears to be no way the pin that comes with the crown piece works. Yes I'm working with a N6a helmet. Thanks"

This took longer than we thought it would bur MSA is working on how to make this work for the end user. They don't have an answer right this minute, they are suggesting that for the present have the customer return the helmet to them and they will install the part. That's all well and good but there is going to be shipping cost, labor and parts to have this done.

"there has to be something to keep the fastener from sliding out of the whole what might it be the crown i have on my n5a has a two peice fastener"

We haven't been made aware of a way to do this yet from MSA, having said that if this were my helmet this is how I would install this; first thing is make sure the crown sits correctly on your helmet(it has to fit under the back end of the holder) you might have to move it around to do this, next the hole in the back rib of the helmet needs to be lined up with the crown, you will have to drill a hole in the new crown so that it lines up with the hole in the rib, be sure to use a small drill bit and a variable speed drill motor. Once you have the holes lined up you can use a larger drill bit that match's up to the hole in the rib, after all of this i would get a pop rivet gun and pop rivet that fits the holes, and install it. Sounds like a lot of work to me MSA should have made this a lot easier, after all these years. Another thought could be super glue, were not recommending this but it's a thought.