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Wesol Shirt Lock

$14.39 - $21.99
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Single Shirt Lock adheres to the shirt and the pants.

The Shirt Lock Super Shirt Stay is made of an elastic material that is durable and flexible, able to move smoothly with any regular or exaggerated motions.  The metal adjusters and the patented no slip clips are guaranteed not to fail.

The Super Shirt Stay by Wesol Distribution is made in America, by Americans. Whenever possible we will always choose to put Americans to work making the products here in the USA. It has always been the goal of Wesol Distribution to create solutions that will benefit the Law Enforcement and Military communities making their jobs a little easier.

If you are tired of having your shirt stays come loose from your shirt, pop off your sock, dangle behind you causing you embarrassment and making you look disheveled, try the New Shirt Lock Super Shirt Stay.  The only Shirt Stays guaranteed not to come off.
Buy yours today, you will be glad you did.

  • Made of a nylon, hook on hook material 10x the tensil strength of VELCRO® brand
  • Unisex belt
  • Officers wearing duty belts are recommended to wear the 1.5" width
  • Available in either 1" or 1.5" widths and a variety of lengths to fit most waist sizes
We recommend the 1.5" width for officers wearing a Duty Belt as it provides extra support.

Lock it in and Keep it in!
1" x 32"Fits 30" and below
1" x 40"Fits 38" and below
1.5" x 40"Fits 38" and below
1.5" x 50"Fits 48" and below
1.5" x 60"Fits 58" and below

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Good if you drive a desk


Does pretty much what it says on the tin (Literally, it comes in a tin) but just isn't quite up to the rigours of day to day duty use. I've had this for about 6 months now and for the first month or so, it did a fantastic job of keeping my shirt where it belongs. However, things have gone down hill since. The Shirt Lock is amazing... until you have to put a duty belt on. I ordered the 2"" version as they recommended, but it just doesn't have the durability for every day field use. As was mentioned in the review above, its impossible to keep this thing two inches below the waist, as such, it tends to ride a little high and just doesn't quite sit right with an inner and a duty belt on. As a result, the Shirt Lock tends to fold over and bunch. Whatever material this thing is made out of holds a crease better than anything you've ever seen, so as soon as things start to bunch up, that's it, you're stuck with that curve. It also tends to shift with any sort of exaggerated movements, such as those you might be required to make when extricating someone from a car, or chasing a suspect over a fence, or bending over to tie your shoes. If you're in an administrative or maybe a supervisory position and don't have 10lbs of gear hanging off a duty belt, or spend most of your time around the office, its probably going to do a reasonable job of keeping your shirt in place, but its just not quite up to spec for the real world.


"How do you decide which length to order? Does it stretch?"

the lengths available on on the chart, you would measure your waist or use you pant size to make your selection. yes, it does stretch as you move, bend, reach, etc...